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Category: Study Abroad

The Taj Mahal - one of the Seven Wonders of the World

India: Encountering and Contesting Development

The program attempted to expose students to the diversity that India constitutes in terms of the world¹s richest and poorest sharing the same space and the most vibrant democratic practices co-existing with feudal, casteist, and religious ones. At Missouri State University we emphasize on public affairs mission which broadly translates into articulation of these learned cultural values into capabilities to…

Crossing a rope bridge.

Marine Education Fellowship in Costa Rica

The Marine Education Fellowship (MEF) in Costa Rica was a trip focused on Biology Teachers/Instructors that are directing study away programs in their schools. The group was comprised by fifteen teachers and two EPI instructors. During this seven days trip we were able to learn about tropical ecosystems (marine and terrestrial). First day, we stablished the objectives and goals for…