Majestic Fur

There are a lot of things a person can do in 2 days. Arriving in a country and having a profound and unique cultural experience is probably not one of them. Last weekend, November the 18th, I traveled to Seoul, South Korea for quick 2 day trip. If you caught my meaning, then you know I didn’t exactly get the chance to become immersed in Korean culture, but instead spent my time there as a bona fide tourist. However, a lack of actual experience and knowledge never stopped anyone from voicing their opinions, and with that said, now it’s my turn. Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is absolutely beautiful. The streets are clean and the air is even more so. The Korean language is everywhere, but so is English. If for some reason an American was eternally banned from the US s/he could find her/himself perfectly at home in Seoul.

Enough of that generalization stuff, because now it’s time for a personal experience. I’m guilty to say that my favorite memory from my short time in South Korea is of a place called Blind Alley. Why? Because one word: Raccoons. Yes, you heard correctly. I spent a gross amount of my limited time in Korea stroking the majestic fur of not just a raccoon but also an albino raccoon. In case you weren’t already captivated, I also had the honor of massaging the chin of a capybara and of holding a lil’ pig. All of these amazing things while enjoying the best coffee I’ve ever had and some spectacular chocolate cake… Don’t get me wrong, I loved all of Seoul, but I just thought you needed to hear about the albino raccoon.

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