About faculty/staff discounts and adding new discounts

Information for faculty/staff

The following discount offers have been submitted by businesses and are listed as a service to Missouri State University-West Plains employees. The businesses are not affiliated with Missouri State-West Plains and this content is presented for informational purposes only. Questions about any discount should be addressed to the business offering the discount.

Information for businesses

Missouri State University-West Plains will publicize discounts for faculty and staff if they meet at least one of the following criteria:

  •  The discount is offered by a local business
  • The discount is offered by a regional or national company that has a physical location within a half days drive of West Plains, Missouri

The following discounts will not be included:

  • Online only retail discounts
  • Discounts that are also available to the public
  • National companies that offer similar or same discounts to public

The office of University communications reserves the right to make exceptions for discounts that might benefit a large number of employees.

Businesses that meet the criteria listed above and wish to add a new discount or change an existing discount should contact the office of University Communications.

Discounts will be set to expire one year after they have been added. Businesses that wish to continue their discount must update the discount information annually.