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Learning Sites – Math

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a rich resource site for learning math.  There are videos and exercises.  Video lessons are often linked with interactive exercises that assess mastery of the lesson.  Khan Academy’s Knowledge Map  is an excellent tool for doing exercises. Because the links connecting concepts are shown, you can adjust to to more appropriate levels as needed.  This map is based on Khan Academy’s curriculum and it shows the sequencing of math skills needed to learn a new skill.  All resources in Khan Academy are free to anybody.

Developmental Math Subjects Level
Arithmetic MTH 020
Prealgebra MTH 020
Algebra I MTH 030
Algebra II MTH 103, MTH 135


College Level Math Subjects MSU Course Covered
Trigonometry MTH 181
Precalculus MTH 138
Calculus I MTH 261
Calculus II MTH 281
Calculus III
Probability and Statistics