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Math Video Resources


MTH 103 Intermediate Algebra

  Main Resources: GreeneMath.com mathispower4u patrickJMT ProfRobBob vg1220   Subjects Video Resource Simplifying Algebraic Expressions Properties of Real Numbers (ProfRobBob) Simplifying Algebraic Expressions Combining Like Terms (ProfRobBob) Simplifying expressions with exponents (Angiewvc): Watch the first example Multiplying and simplifying rational expressions | Algebra II (Khan Academy) 13- Introductory Algebra – Simplify Algebraic Expressions (vg1220) Solving Linear Equations Equations that reduce …

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MTH 135 College Algebra

Most video lectures are taken from either ProfRobBob(R) or mathispower4u(J). Topics Video Resource Graphs of Equations Plotting Points on the Coordinate Plane (J) Graphing Equations By Plotting Points – Part 1 (J) Graphing Equations By Plotting Points – Part 2 (J) Graphing by Finding Intercepts (J) Symmetry Introduction: x-axis, y-axis, the origin (J) Ex: Determine Symmetry about the x-axis, y-axis, and the origin (J) Ex: Write the Standard Form …

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