Shelter Equipment and Supplies List

(Keep this list posted in the shelter storage room)

Take an inventory of the following supplies after every severe weather event when the shelter is placed in active service and used by the public.

The following must be kept within the shelter area:

Communication Equipment (Kept in the shelter storage room)
1 NOAA Weather receiver (battery powered continually recharging)
1 AM-FM Radio (wind-up/battery powered)
2 hard copies of the Shelter Operations Plan

Emergency Equipment
Flashlights – 10 (continually recharging to be located in the shelter storage room)
2 Fire extinguishers (ABC)

First-Aid Supplies (Basic first aid kits are required and to be kept in the shelter storage room)
First-aid handbooks
Non-prescription drugs (such as aspirin and non-aspirin pain relievers)
Adhesive tape and bandages in assorted sizes
Scissors, tweezers and safety pins in assorted sizes
Latex gloves
Antiseptic solutions and antibiotic ointments

Water will be available from drinking fountains within the shelter.

Other Supplies (Optional – items determined necessary by the team.)
Toilet paper and paper towels
Towels and moistened towelettes
Disinfectants and chlorine bleach
Trash containers and liners
Disposable emergency blankets

The shelter is equipped with an emergency back-up, natural gas-powered generator to supply the shelter area with emergency electrical service. The University’s Superintendent of Physical Plant will be responsible for the routine maintenance and inspection of the generator. The Superintendent of the Physical Plant will perform scheduled inspections of the generator on a monthly basis throughout the year to ensure the generator will be ready and functional in time of emergency.