March 2, 2017 Agenda

Staff Senate Meeting Agenda

March 2, 2017

10:30 AM in Cass Hall Conference Room

  1. Sign-in
  1. Welcome new MSU-WP employees in attendance (Stanley)
    1. Call To Order
  • Approval of Agenda
  1. Approval of Minutes (February 22, 2017)
  2. Chancellor Bennett Report
  • President Report (Laurie Wall)
  1. Administrative Council Report
    • President Elect Report- none
  1. Secretary Report (Kileene Collins)
  2. Treasurer Report (Jennifer Walker)
  1. Financial Report/Update
    1. Department/Committee Reports/Updates/Discussion
  2. Old Business Discussion of mission statement.

New Mission Statement

The Staff Senate serves as a liaison to administration as an advocate for staff welfare and productivity, in conjunction with the University’s mission, to support, improve, innovate and promote academic excellence.

Current MSU-WP Mission Statement:

The Staff Senate strives to support the University’s mission of being a teaching and learning institution providing quality post-secondary educational opportunities to the communities we serve. The Staff Senate supports this mission by promoting the welfare and professional development of the University’s staff and serving as the staff’s representative to the campus community.


Current MSU-Springfield Purpose Statement:

The purpose of Staff Senate shall be to communicate the interests and concerns of a diverse University staff; to function in an advisory capacity in the development, review and implementation of University policies, which affect staff; to provide a means of communication with the administration, faculty, and students, and support them with the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the staff; and to create and nurture a spirit of unity among all employees at the University.

  1. Diversity activities for staff senate -Grayson Gordon
  • New Business:
    1. Faculty Senate -Rajiv Thakur
    2. Amend bylaws to have past president serve in advisory role for the following year’s president. Proposed amendment:

Officers and Duties

Officers of the Staff Senate consist of a president, president-elect, secretary and treasurer. They are elected by the membership at the April meeting of each year. Term of office for each position shall be one academic year May 1 through April 30. Vacancies shall be filled by appointment by the president with the concurrence of the membership at the next regular meeting.

The four elected officers shall serve as the Executive Committee and be empowered to take action on any necessary urgent matters between regular meetings of the Staff Senate.

To serve as an officer, a person must be have been employed full time for at least one (1) year in a staff position.

I elect that Mary Kellum serve as the president elect until April 6, 2017. Vote.

  1. Dr. Michael Orf
  2. We did not send in Dr. Lancaster’s nomination for Staff Excellence in Public Affairs.
  3. Bill Brown- Committee on Reverse Evaluation
  • Announcements
    1. MSU-WP will host the annual meeting of the Missouri Association of American University Professors (AAUP) in       Melton Hall on Saturday, March 4 from 9am-4pm. Dr. Jason McCollum is the president of the MSU-WP chapter, contact him for more information. (email sent out to all Staff)


  • Adjournment

Spring/Summer 2017 Meeting Dates:

April 6

May 4

June 1

July 6




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