Staff Senate Special Meeting September 15, 2017

Present: Laurie Wall, Bruce Cavitt, Jennifer Walker, Kileene Collins, Christina Kerley, Jared Cates, Alex Graham, Sharon Holland, Jill Stephens, Tara Hensley, Kris Brinkerhoff, Angela Marcak, Stanley Mugeki, Karla Bean, Sharath Rongali, Joe Kammerer, CJ Collins, Melissa Jett, Biff Bird, Keri Elrod, Sally Robinson, Kelly Becker, Danisha Hogue, Kathy Mann, Michael Scheidt, Anyta Cavitt, Heath Lair, Krista Lair, and Michael Orf

Topic: Special meeting to discuss Chancellor search

Bruce Cavitt has been chosen to represent Staff Senate on the search committee for a new Chancellor. He is asking for input from each department regarding what they would like to see in a new Chancellor and what questions they feel are important to ask.

Some of the specific things the group would like to focus on are:

  • Leadership – leadership by example, not by intimidation
  • Character – dig deeper and do research on their character. What would their staff, students, etc… say about their character, do they have a heart and a conscience? What would their enemies say about them? Do they give equal treatment to all, even if they do not agree with them?
    • Humility
    • Protect
    • Respect
    • Genuine
    • Integrity
  • Knowledge of our campus – are they knowledgeable about our campus and our budget limitations? Are they knowledgeable of our processes. We need someone understanding of our community, culture, and the need to improve our moral. Someone that is willing to be involved in our community and the surrounding communities.
  • Student interaction – someone with an open door policy and willing to interact with the students and make them feel they come first.
  • Support for part-time employees – some of our current part-time employees do not feel they are supported or appreciated.
  • Good communication – someone who is open to communicating and listening to us and who will follow through with promises/commitments.
  • Government experience
  • Able to handle stress

Bruce asked the group to email him any specific questions they would like to be asked.

The first open forum is scheduled for October 25

Announcement: The Annual Fund and Philanthropic Women for Education are looking for requests for funding. There is an online application form to fill out on the office of Development’s page.


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