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Meeting Agenda April 6, 2017

Staff Senate Meeting Agenda

April 6, 2017

10:30 AM in Cass Hall Conference Room

  1. Sign-in
  2. Welcome new MSU-WP employees in attendance
  3. Call To Order
      1. Approval of Agenda
      2. Approval of Minutes (March 2, 2017)
  1. http://blogs.wp.missouristate.edu/staffsenate/2017/03/03/staff-senate-meeting-minutes-3217/Chancellor Bennett Report
  1. President Report (Laurie Wall)

Staff Senate Mission Statement:

The Staff Senate serves as a liaison to administration as an advocate for staff welfare and productivity, in conjunction with the University’s mission, to support, improve, innovate and promote academic excellence.

University Mission Statement:

Missouri State University-West Plains empowers students to achieve personal success and to enrich their local and global communities. As a two-year public institution, we provide accessible, affordable, and quality educational opportunities.

  1. Administrative Council Report
  2. President Elect Report- Mary Kellum
  3. Secretary Report (Kileene Collins)
  4. Treasurer Report (Jennifer Walker)
    1. Department/Committee Reports/Updates/Discussion
  5. New Business
    1. Bill Brown- Committee on Reverse Evaluation (vote on whether to approve)
    2. President Elect nominations/voting
    3. Secretary nominations/voting Kileene Collins
    4. Treasure nominations/voting Angela Marcak/Jennifer Walker
    5. Degree Works presentation Jill Stephens
    6. t-shirts for staff senate Bruce Cavitt
    7. Diversity Activity Grayson Gordon
  6. Announcements
    1. HURTS Donuts will be on campus May 17 at noon in FUMC parking lot (10% of proceeds will go to Staff Senate)
    2. Spring Dipper Ice Cream will be on campus May 16 at 11 am in front of Grizzly Den dorms (no proceeds will go to us)
    3. Looking in to Shaved Ice stand too week of finals
    4. Pineapple Whip didn’t work out- we’re out of their service area
    5. Diversity Conference April 20-21, 2017
    6. Public Affairs Conference April 4-7, 2017
    7. GOCAT Ribbon Cutting April 21 11am-1pm
    8. Supervisor HR Training May 12 10am-3:30 pm
    9. Faculty & Staff Morale survey due April 10 at 4pm
    10. IT Security Training was due on March 31-if you haven’t done this please do so
    11. Check leave balances and take vacation days so not to lose them


  1. Adjournment

Spring/Summer 2017 Meeting Dates:

May 4

June 1

July 6

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Mar 03

Staff Senate Meeting Minutes 2017/03/02

In attendance: Laurie Wall, Jennifer Walker, Kileene Collins, Bruce Cavitt, Sylvia Kuhlmieier, Angela Marcak, Anyta Cavitt, CJ Collins, Grayson Gordon, Bill Brown, Wayne Cahoj, Moiria Seiber, Sophia Skinner, Amber Carr, Vickie Petkovic, Carrie Steen, and Michael Orf.

Agenda: Approved

Minutes: Approved

Chancellor Bennett:

  • February Red Carpet Days had record number of attendees. Thanks to all that have a hand in making those successful.
  • Executive Budget Committee meeting minutes are available online through experts.
  • TAACCCT Grant ends March 31 and our testing center will undergo some changes as a result.
  • Carol Silvey is the new Board of Governors’ representative for the West Plains area.  With nearly 39 years of experience as both a faculty and staff member on the West Plains’ campus, she is a great choice as she understands the institution and service area.

President’s Report: 

  • Admin. Council’s biggest discussion was the budget cuts and tuition increase. More to be released soon.
  • Board: Laurie Wall appoints Mary Kellum as interim President Elect for March and April until the new term begins. The following nominations for the next term will be voted on in April and will begin their duties in May:
  • Nominations for President Elect:
    • Grayson Gordon, declined
    • CJ Collins, declined
    • Wayne Cahoj
    • Jared Cates
    • Heath Lair
  • Nominations for Treasurer:
    • Angela Marcak
  • Nominations for Secretary:
    • Kileene Collins

Secretary’s Report: No report

Treasurer’s Report: $889.64 with one outstanding invoice

Departmental/Committee Reports/Updates:

  • IT: Degree Works going live this week.
  • TRiO: Service activities occurred this week. Sponsoring a fund raiser for Habitat For Humanity with several faculty/staff volunteering to get a pie in the face for the most money raised in their container, ends Friday, March 3.
  • Advisement & Academic Coaching: ASK week is April 3-7.
  • Announcement: Home and Garden show this weekend is looking for volunteers.
  • Announcement: MSU-WP will host the annual meeting of the Missouri Association of American University professors (AAUP) in Melton Hall on Saturday, March 4 from 9am – 4pm. Dr. Jason McCollum is the president of the MSU-WP chapter, contact him for more information.

Old Business:

  • New Mission Statement: The Staff Senate serves as a liaison to administration as an advocate for staff welfare and productivity, in conjunction with the University’s mission, to support, improve, innovate and promote academic excellence. All approved.
  • Staff Excellence in Public Affairs: Brenda Polyard declined our nomination and Dennis Lancaster did not fit the criteria. Deadline passed so the Staff Senate did not provide a nomination.

New Business:

  • Reverse Evaluation Committee Report (Evaluating supervisors): It was recommended to investigate into Springfield’s progress in this area and mirroring their actions. More discussion to follow.
  • Faculty Senate: Rajiv Thakur spoke about the prevention of bullying on campus and conveyed the faculty senate’s support of the staff senate and offering any assistance needed in regards to improving our working environment.
  • Fundraising/Activity Ideas: 
    • Friday Denim Days during June & July; Laurie will seek permission
    • Yardsale
    • Staff Senate shirts; Bruce Cavitt will follow up
    • Hurts Donuts/Pineapple Whip; Amber Carr to follow up

Diversity activity topic provided by Grayson: Thinking outside the box.

Next meeting: April 6, 10:30 am Cass Hall conference room.

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