Jul 16

STAC July 2001 Minutes

Members Present:

Jay Gentry, LeeAnna Kinder, Kelly Becker, Barbie Mustion and Martha Tuttle.

Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 3:40 PM by Jay Gentry.

Approval of Minutes:

Minutes from the June meeting were approved.

Old Business:

Staff Survey:

The proposed Staff Survey was distributed and a discussion ensued regarding items to be included. Jay asked members for additions and/or deletions and said he would like to submit the form to General Marty for his review within the near future.

Budget Update:

Jay updated members on the status of the 01-02 budget. He attended a budget meeting in which General Marty discussed the budget situation. Importantly, the interest of the students and faculty/staff were protected with no fee increases or no salary reductions.

New Business:

Employee Benefits:

The topic of employee benefits was brought up and it was decided unanimously that search committee chairs should be discussing benefits with potential employees i.e. number of vacation and sick days, etc. Martha said this is discussed with the employee at the time of orientation, but candidates often want to know this information before accepting the position.


Meeting was adjourned.
Next meeting date is August 27th at 3:30 PM – L200.

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