Sep 24

September 2002 Minutes

Approval of Minutes:

  • The meeting was called to order at 3 pm in L200 by President Grayson Gordon.

Old Business:

Self-Study Discussion:

  • STAC President Grayson Gordon led the discussion concerning STAC’s mission, goals and objectives statement for the accreditation self-study. After reviewing the current mission statement and objectives listed in the organization’s bylaws, the following mission/goals/objectives statement was adopted.


  • To promote the welfare and professional development of university staff and serve as its representative to the campus community.


  • Foster a spirit of unity and cooperation among all employees and the SMSU-West Plains community
  • Enhance communication between faculty, staff, students and administration
  • Communicate staff perspective in decision-making processes of SMSU-West Plains


  • Serve as staff representatives on standing committees appointed by the chancellor
  • Conduct periodic surveys concerning staff issues.
  • Sponsor open meetings that serve as a forum for discussion of staff issues and as a method of disseminating information important to staff members
  • Sponsor social gatherings and events to encourage camaraderie and participation among staff members.
  • Provide welcome packets to new employees
  • Review fringe benefits and make recommendations to appropriate decision-making bodies
  • Operate a web site which provides information about the Staff Advisory Council and issues of concern for staff members
  • Serve as the campus’ officials sponsor of Lee Denim Days

That Friday Thing:

  • Board members unanimously decided that STAC will take over sponsorship of the monthly That Friday Thing from University Communications. Board secretary Vickie Taylor, who has been coordinating the event for University Communications, will continue to do so during her tenure on the board.

Staff Survey:

  • President Grayson Gordon showed board members a copy of the Springfield campus’ staff survey concerning budget priorities. He told board members he would make copies of the survey and distribute them to board members for review. A similar survey would be helpful for budget discussions at the West Plains campus this year, as well, he said.

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month/Lee Denim Day:

  • Lee Denim Day coordinator Kelly Becker said this year’s event is set for Oct. 4. She and former Lee Denim Day coordinator Laurel Driscoll will be canvassing faculty and staff across campus the first week of October to ask for $5 donations that will go toward the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer foundation. The event will be promoted on Take¬† Note, with posters on campus and through a memo that will be distributed in the mailboxes.

Chili Luncheon:

  • Board members agreed to host a chili luncheon on Oct. 4 to coincide with Lee Denim Day and to promote the upcoming STAC Executive Board membership drive. During the event from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm; those attending will be asked to nominate someone to serve on the executive board. President Grayson Gordon agreed to coordinate the event. Those who do not donate food, drinks or eating utensils for the luncheon will be charged $3 to eat.


  • Because of the special board meeting on Sept. 17, the regularly scheduled executive board meeting on Sept. 24 has been canceled. The next STAC Executive Board meeting will be at 3 pm Oct. 22 in L200.
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Jul 24

July 2002 Minutes

Approval of Minutes:

  • Meeting was called to order at 3:09 pm in L200 by Vice President Jill Stephens

Old Business:

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month:

  • STAC Vice President Jill Stephens reported on behalf of board member Kelly Becker that plans for the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month were proceeding and that information about the campaign will be given to faculty and staff in the near future.

STAC Name Change:

  • Vice President Jill Stephens reported that board member Lee Anna Kinder has not had the opportunity to discuss the recent name change of the Staff Senate at Springfield with its president. Further discussion about a proposed name change was tabled.

New STAC Brochure:

  • Board member Melissa Smith agreed to develop a new STAC brochure that will be given to new employees as part of the STAC’s welcome packet for new staff employees. The brochure will include information about STAC and its purpose.

New Employee Packets:

  • Treasurer Joan Ragon said she has completed three welcome packets for new staff employees and will make a fourth to give the four new staff members recently hired. Board members discussed when packets should be presented to new staff members and decided that, in the future, they will be given during the orientation sessions.

Jeans Day:

  • Board members discussed a request to reinstate designated “dress down” or “jeans” days. Vice President Jill Stephens said she has emailed Chancellor Thomas about the matter and that he has asked STAC to develop a policy. After a lengthy discussion, which included a review of the dress code section of the Employee’s Handbook, Stephens said she would work up a proposal and distribute it to Executive Board members via email for comment. Once finalized, the proposal would be sent to Chancellor Thomas for approval.

Bylaws Review Committee:

  • Vice President Jill Stephens said she asked Becky Estes from Drago College Store and Jamie Ball from the Admissions Office to serve on the Bylaws Review Committee, and they agreed. Stephens said the committee will meet soon to review the current bylaws and develop a report for the STAC Executive Board on suggested changes.


  • Board member Melissa Smith reminded that the Fourth Annual Faculty/Staff Pig Roast is at 6:30 pm Aug. 24 at Vernon Cooper’s Farm. Games and contests are planned, and she encouraged everyone to attend.


The next STAC Executive Board meeting will be at 3 pm Aug. 27 in L200.

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