Feb 25

February 2002 Minutes

Approval of Minutes:

  • Meeting was called to order at 3:35 pm in L200
  • Agenda for the meeting was approved
  • Minutes of the December meeting were read and approved.

Old Business:


  • Specific budget items were discussed including: Macro Issues, Scholarships, Technology M0dernization & Estimated Operating Budget Increases
  • It was mentioned that if salary increases did not occur that we would fall even further behind in equity. It was suggested that if salary increases were not available that we should ask for something else in return, i.e. more days off, time off for taking classes or more hours in tuition benefits. But priority should be given to salary increaases.


  • The Financial Exigency policy developed by the Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee was discussed. It was determined that STAC needs to create a similar policy for Staff.

New Board Members:

  • Applications for membership on the STAC Executive Board were reviewed and the following were appointed to serve:
    • Joan Ragon
    • Jill Stephens
    • Vickie Taylor
  • Nominations for Board Officers will occur at the February STAC Board meeting on February 26, 2002. Jay Gentry & Barbie Mustion have rotated off the Board

Staff Survey:

  • The Staff Survey was presented to the Administrative Council. The survey results will be posted on the STAC web site


  • The meeting times for the STAC Executive Board were discussed and it was determined that the 4th Tuesday of each month was a acceptable meeting time for the Spring semester.
  • The next meeting will be Tuesday , February 26th, 2002 at 3:30 pm
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Nov 19

STAC November 2001 Minutes

Members Present:

Jay Gentry, Grayson Gordon, LeeAnna Kiner, Barbie Mustion, Melissa Smith, and Martha Tuttle.

Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 3:30 pm by Jay Gentry. Minutes from the October meeting were approved.

Old Business:

Grayson updated members on the meeting he recently attended regarding the financial exigency policy and guideline to follow.

Barbie reported the STAC treasury has a total of $57.58.

A discussion ensued regarding green space on campus. It has been recommended that the north parking lot at Melton Hall be turned into green space.

Grayson gave an update on the university budget committee of which he is a member. Tuition will increase next year. However, some fees will remain the same. Also, there may be another budget cut in January.

STAC budget priorities should be submitted to Grayson before December 13.

Several staff members returned the survey and results will be complied shortly. Jay said he was well pleased with the number of returns.

STAC will sponsor a Christmas luncheon on Friday, Dec. 21, from 11:00 am until 1:00 pm in L100. More information will be forthcoming in Take Note.


The meeting adjourned at 4:05 pm.

Next meeting date is December 10th at 3:30 pm in L200.

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