Wrapping Things Up

As my second semester at Missouri State West Plains comes to an end, a lot is on my mind. The intense study sessions have begun, and I am preparing myself for a week full of stress as finals arrive. I am to the point in the semester where I do not want to do anything. So seniors.. Senioritis still exists in your freshman year of college. Good luck! I’m over exaggerating of course, but at the same time I am ready to relax over the summer and not have to worry about any homework.
Even though I am anxious for the summer to get here, I also think of how I only have one year left at MSU-WP. I am going to miss the ambassadors who are leaving us next year, but I will miss the campus even more when I graduate. I have come up with this idea that I will intentionally fail all my classes next semester so I am forced to stay on campus another year! On second thought, probably not one of my greatest plans.
For anybody who is reading this and will be attending Missouri State-West Plains in the fall, I advise you to make the most out of your time here. It seems like I have just started my journey, but I am already almost halfway done. Don’t blink!

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Finish Out Strong.

After what has seemed like an eternity, it’s finally the last leg of the race for this school year. Even though you might think you’re done, just like in an actual race, it’s important to keep your foot on the gas pedal. It’s important to finish out the best way possible, and for some students these last weeks can either make or break their grades. For others these last weeks can determine making an A or a B in a class. A majority of us are starting to freak out at the thought of finals being just a couple of weeks away, but remember you’ve come this far, so don’t give up now. Get enough sleep, study, and do your homework. As long as you’re putting forth your best effort, there is nothing to worry about. Remember that school is just like a race, at the beginning you start off with so much energy, by the middle you’re trying to do the best that you can and stay ahead. Now it’s the end and most runners just want to cross the finish line,  regardless of how they place. I’m here to tell you, don’t be like those runners. Keep your eyes on the prize, and try to finish out just like you started!

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Started from the Bottom, Now [I’m] Here

Can you believe that it is already mid-second semester?! I am so excited that I have had the opportunity to experience an amazing college life for FREE! It is crazy to think that I have been graduated from high school for nearly a year. You know what they say, “Time flies by fast when you’re having fun.” Although I miss high school because of the friendships I gained there, I am happy that I chose a college that suits me for my goals. From meeting new friends to stepping out of my comfort zone, I have changed my outlook on life in a positive direction. Moving on to new adventures and meeting new people isn’t so bad after all. Being away from my high school friends, and from what I thought was “normal” to me has helped motivate me to find a major that best suits me (I’ll probably change my major again, but it’s ok to explore your options. That’s what college is for right?). In one more year, I will be graduating MSU-West Plains with the intention of transferring to MSU-Springfield to the Doctor of Audiology School to one day become an audiologist. Even though I am excited for my future possibilities, I will forever miss my home, MSU-West Plains.

I am excited to see what the future brings for my education, as well as the opportunities available on campus. I don’t know about you, but I am stoked to see who our 2016-2017 Student Government Association president and vice-president will be. I will catch ya’ll on the flip side my fellow Grizzlies! #NewBeginningsEndlessPossibilities

“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyways.”- Earl Nightingale

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Getting up early again has been a hassle after I have gotten to sleep in every day of Spring Break. When I say sleep in, I mean I literally don’t wake up until noon or one…So it’s been pretty difficult to wake up for my 8 AM’s. I cannot believe I am basically halfway done with my second semester here at Missouri State University-West Plains! I am in a very weird spot, because I really want summer to get here, I am also trying to enjoy each day here on campus. I know I will miss it next year, when I graduate.

I hope all of you seniors are enjoying your final months and your high school. You will miss your high school friends when you go your separate ways, but trust me, you will make a ton of new friends wherever you end up going. 🙂

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So, I was just minding my own business the other day, and I really don’t know how it happened, but all of a sudden I was signed up for a trip to Colorado over spring break. I guess I’m just prone to making spur of the moment decisions when it comes to travel. It is a luxury in life I just can’t deny…even at the expense of my bank account. I mean, I could be practical and save my money for my future and be responsible and blah blah blah, but I’m not ready for adult thinking just yet. Maybe one day. Maybe never.

Anyway, I found out about this trip through several friends. It turns out, SGA is taking a ski trip to Colorado, and they had one free space left and needed an extra person. At first I didn’t think I would go—I guess I was trying to be financially responsible that day—but the next day it was brought up to me again, and after a brief internal struggle, my emotions won. I got everything settled that afternoon and took the last remaining spot on the trip. Now, I’ll be chilling in Colorado in a few days.

This experience reminds me of one of the many reasons why Missouri State University-West Plains is so great. It is constantly offering its students opportunities to travel and experience new things. Whether it be a trip out of town, or a trek across the world, MSU-WP provides endless possibilities for travel and personal growth. In fact, it really upholds its pillar of cultural awareness by making travel so accessible. While I can’t go on every trip the university offers (believe me, I would if I could) I still greatly benefit from the ones I do get to go on. Even though this trip to Colorado isn’t going to be as culturally diverse as the others I have been on, I still plan to make memories with friends. I also plan to learn a few things; first being, how to ski.



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So Far, so Good..

Hey guys! I know it’s been a while, but things around here have been rather busy. With Red Carpet days, listening to Alex’s lectures, struggling to make it to my 12:30 class on time (I know, I’m ridiculous >_<), I have found myself halfway through my second semester at MSU-West Plains, and I am absolutely loving it. You may think I’m crazy, but I can never stress how much this campus has grown on me. Last semester, I wasn’t sure if I would make it through finals, I had such a hard time learning the ropes of college life. With classes Monday through Thursday and work, it seemed as if I didn’t even have time to sleep. Everything was so incredibly new and overwhelming, but now I find myself right at home, with the occasional speed bump. (But hey, life happens.)

My classes this semester are on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which is so much easier because I do not live in town. I can now spend more time studying and less time singing to Pop 2k radio in my car (Don’t judge me..). I feel more confident in myself, and my education. I know that my goals are achievable, with a lot of hard work and determination. And I 100% believe that if I weren’t here, I wouldn’t know that all of these things ARE possible.

Since I’ve gotten the hang of the academic side of things, I’ve began to take advantage and become involved in some of the great events that take place here at the university. We always have something new and exciting happening. In fact, there are a few events coming up in the next few days that I am so, so, SOOO pumped for!!!! I can’t wait to make some great memories, and maybe learn a thing or two along the way.

Well, I suppose that’s all for now, I have some homework that must be done ( REMEMBER HOMEWORK IS IMPORTANT!), so I can enjoy these next few days! See you soon! 🙂



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Back in the Swing of Things

After six weeks of being off the college campus, I can say I have missed the college atmosphere. The new schedule and memorizing where the classrooms are located may be the hardest part of the semester… as of now anyways. This is why I set my phone lock screen as my 2016 spring semester schedule (pretty smart, right?). Spring semester for me means kicking it into high gear to earn excellent grades. Red Carpet Day’s every Friday in February; I am more than excited! Can I get a hoo-rah?
Homecoming was a blast being around my fellow grizzlies. From being a part of decorating the student ambassador banner to walking the banner during halftime, I can proudly say the student ambassadors’ received 1st place in the banner contest (whoop whoop).  Homecoming was an exciting game, in which the boys set up a play to shoot a 3-pointer on the buzzer leading them into over-time. Unfortunately, the boys had a heartbreaking loss on the home court, but the crowd and student section cheering was by far the best part. Oh, and I cannot forget about the beautiful candidates for homecoming queen and king. Congrats to my fellow student ambassador Katelyn Grogan for being crowned homecoming queen, as well as SGA President Casey Buehler for being crowned homecoming king. Everyone looked stunning on the homecoming court!
Good luck to all as you tackle the spring semester. Oh, and do not forget to show school school spirit, as well as keeping your grades up. Be careful not to slip on ice as you tackle classes during the snow/ ice season!

P.S. Stay tuned for more firsthand grizzly news!

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Choosing a Place to Live.

During my first year of college I lived in a near-campus dorm called the Shoe Factory Lofts. Now I currently live off campus in an apartment. It might not be as close to campus, but I still enjoy it because of the people I met while living at the Shoe my freshman year. Living in a dorm, I met a lot of different people from a bunch of places in Missouri…places I had never even heard of. Living there helped expand my knowledge on others’ backgrounds, like how they live and the things they do for fun. We would compare high school sports, and events that our high schools would hold for the students. One thing I learned about sports in high school is that the class sizes vary. I was always in class 4A in high school. Most of the students that I have met, played in a 1A or 2A schools which are smaller. With school events we would only have Homecoming and Prom, but other schools would have those two events and another one called Hoopcoming or Courtwarming (held during basketball season). When I heard about that I wished that my school would have had that because it sounds fun. Living at the Shoe Lofts also helped gain not only friends, but also teammates and co-workers. I met a fellow student ambassador named Katelyn Grogan living at the Shoe Lofts. We both ended up getting a job working at the same restaurant. We are also both student ambassadors, and before spring semester began we were teammates on the Grizzly Co-ed Cheer Team.

Living in the near-campus dorms helped me meet people, and actually get to know people around town so that I won’t feel alone. I highly recommend that students live on campus or in near campus dorms so that students can get to know other students, and have the full college experience.

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Coming to Terms with Change

Here I am, typing my first journal of my final semester at MSU-West Plains, and I can’t help but to think how strange of a thing time can be. It really is interesting how time gives off the illusion of a static life; how slowly my own small life changes went unnoticed until finally I looked up from myself and didn’t recognize my own surroundings. This is how I felt after coming back from China. After attempting to acclimate back into my old lifestyle—which was surprisingly difficult—I realized I had changed too much while in China to comfortably fit back into the mold I had left behind. I don’t really fit anymore because I have changed; I have been added to, and built upon. So, coming back to what I remembered as “home” didn’t feel so comfortable. This is when it dawned on me how much my life has changed, and how little time I actually have left before I make another big move in my life. After all, this is my last semester at the MSU-West Plains campus, and that is a hard fact to grasp because I love it so much.

Out of all the places in the small town of West Plains, the college is, by far, the place where I feel most at home. I am challenged academically, encouraged to think critically, inspired by my friends and teachers, and allowed to discover myself. I have experienced real growth in the short time I have been here, and have been offered the ability to travel and receive an education in cultural awareness. It is for these reasons why it is so bittersweet for me to realize my time here is running out. I don’t want this chapter of my life to end yet, while simultaneously looking ahead to the next part of my life. I will be moving to Springfield, finding a place to live, getting another job, and focusing my studies at a much larger university. And, even though I have already lived on my own for a short while, this time will be different because this is much more permanent. I’m ready to go, but I’m also scared of change. It is definitely something I will have to come to terms with. So, while I’m studying, writing papers, and doing my reading assignments this semester, I will try to keep in mind that those too will eventually come to an end.

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One Down, Three to go..

As I begin my second semester of college at MSU -West Plains, I realize how fast my first semester went by. It seems like just last week I was walking across the stage, to receive my diploma. Even though I’ve only been here for a short period of time, this place already feels like home. I have met so many new friends, as well as the teachers that I have gotten the opportunity to know. It is upsetting to think that there are only three more semesters left until I leave this campus. Three semesters sounds like a long time, but it goes by so quickly, it’s unreal. Even though it seems like I don’t have that much time left to enjoy all of the awesome features of this university, I am determined to make the most out of what little time I have left. I have already made so many memories that will last a lifetime, I cannot wait to see what the next three semesters have in store for me!

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