Snow Days

Snow days are the best! I mean, who doesn’t love a snow day? You can go out and do every day snow activities like sledding, snowball fights, etc. What if you don’t like the cold? Then stay inside and watch TV or Netflix all day. It’s kind of funny when you think about how you can watch TV all day and be a lazy bum on a snow day and it’s completely justified. Snow days are all around good. It’s a day off so you can relax or catch up on sleep. The biggest advantage in my opinion is the extra time you have to catch up on homework. I use snow days for homework, and after it’s done, I sleep the rest of the day. It may sound lame to do homework on a snow day, but it always pays off in the end.

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What to do on Snow Days….

Oh, oops. This isn’t a list of things to do on snow days. I don’t really know what to do on snow days. I mean, I can play video games, watch YouTube videos, or read a book, but I can do all of that any day.

I’m not really a fan of the cold, so snow days don’t usually end up being something special for me. When I lived out in the woods those days were a treat, because I would pull a chair up to the window and drink my tea as I watched the pristine white snow blanket my surroundings as little birds flew by.

Buuut now I live in a dorm, and if I open my window now, I see a brick wall and loud people staring back at me. So that isn’t something I’m really partial to.

Basically, what I’m saying is that I am very thankful that our college canceled school a couple weeks ago to make sure that we could all stay nice and warm in our homes. Buuuut Mother Nature, pretty please stop this mess because the roads get scary, I need to get food from Walmart, and I would like to attend the classes I am paying for. Ok, thanks, bye!

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Is It Spring Break Yet?

I don’t know if you guys noticed, but the weather a couple weekends ago was pretty lovely. I spent every possible moment outside, attempting to soak up some precious sun. I even went hiking at Elephant Rock, one of my very favorite natural parks! I really loved being able to be out and about, even though I got a few bumps and bruises. . . I’m not the most coordinated. Unfortunately, when I walked out my front door the next morning in a pair of capris—expecting more warm weather—I was met with an overcast sky and a brisk wind. Of course, I am grateful for the time I had, but I wish the warm front could have lingered a little longer. I guess what I’m saying is, I caught spring fever.

I am beyond ready for this cold weather to be gone. Especially now that I have had a taste of warmth, it’s almost painful to shrug into my coat again. I know we are a good part into the spring semester, and spring break will be right around the corner; however, I can’t help but to stare forlornly out classroom windows, willing the sun to beat down a little harder.

There is just something about the promise of warmer weather that makes me want to drop every responsibility and frolic through a field of flowers. While I know I can’t exactly neglect my schoolwork, it’s still hard not to procrastinate just a bit when spring fever hits.

It’s important to get outside and get some fresh air, but it’s also important to stay caught up on schoolwork. The closer spring break gets, the stronger the urge to procrastinate becomes. So don’t get behind! Stay on top of schoolwork, hey, take it outside if you have to! Stick with it, and before long, summer will be upon us.

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Real Actual Adult

My life is hectic, and I love it. Do I wish for more free time nearly every day? Yes. Do I lie in bed at night and list all of the things I should be doing or have to do tomorrow? Yes. Do I have nightmares about missing events I need to be at and being late to work? Yes. Did I have one last night? Yes. Would I have it any other way? No.

Wanna know why?

Of course you do.

I’m getting ready for……real life. Anti-climactic, I know.

But seriously. In a couple years when I’m out of school, I’ll have even more responsibilities, and I’ll be on the go all the time. I will have less free time than I do now and more things to do. Sure, I’ll just have work, but it’s not going to be a job like I have now. It’s going to (hopefully!) be my forever job. Right now, everything I’m doing is temporary. I won’t be in school forever. This job I have, being a Student Ambassador, the Resident Advisor position, it will all be gone in a year. In a semester actually. Oh my goodness, less than a semester. Three months. *sniff sniff*

If I can type through the tears, here is the moral of the story: All of these things I’m doing now culminate into what I will be doing in the future. Even though I absolutely HATE the mornings I have to wake up before 8AM, they are preparing me for the rest of my life. When I get thrust into real life with all of these things that I’m not used to yet, I’ll at least be used to the busy pace and the pure craziness of the actual adult world. Yes, I realize I’m an adult. Do I really think I am one? Ha. Not quite yet. I feel like I’m in a middle stage. Like, I look like an adult, and I have responsibilities like an adult, but I act like I’m five sometimes. And that right there throws me for a loop. I feel like real actual adults don’t go eat Taco Bell at midnight because they’ve had a ridiculous day and they just need something in their stomach. I just don’t think I’m ready to let my TBell addiction go if that’s what it takes to be a real actual adult.

I’m going to use the leaving the nest metaphor. Yes, I know, cliche. When I went to college, I left the nest. I left EVERYTHING that I knew. My home, family, friends, the areas, all of it. I settled into my West Plains life quite well if I do say so myself. I have great friends that are like family, wonderful staff and faculty here that I can always count on, and well, my boyfriend isn’t so bad either. :) Now, I’m about to leave my home of two years to find a new one, aka Springfield for college to continue my education. I’m flying, looking for somewhere to settle down (ish). I think that’s when I’ll actually be a full on adult. When I settle down for good. When I have the BIG responsibilities. The forever responsibilities like marriage and kids.

So, for now, I’ll enjoy my flight. I will enjoy my few lazy days and revel in the mornings I get to sleep later than 7:30. I will cherish my midnight food runs with no judgement. I will call my mom when I think I’m sick to make sure it is just a cold and not something much worse like I think it is. I will stay up until 3AM finishing a paper because I decided a House marathon was more important. I’m going to enjoy my fake adulthood-ness, and you should too.

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Astonishing Academic Plauge Affecting Students Everywhere…

January Twenty-First. One-eighteen PM.

Journal of the Infected

Day Forty-Three

It’s happening everywhere I look. People are falling into the clutches of this powerful epidemic. Nowhere is safe. I see it within the professional walls of the classrooms, in the somber solitude of the office spaces, invading the shared computer labs, and even within in the sanctity of where we live, whether it be a dorm room, apartment, or even a family home.

This aggressive creature never loosens its hold, and often attacks at any and all hours. I, myself, have heard the tell-tale sounds and seen the bright, ever-changing lights in the wee hours of the night before the sun even dares to rise above the earth.

I have succumbed to each and every symptom. I find it harder to focus on the home reading assigned by my professors, and I am too often scrambling to remember if there is any work due the next day in class.

All because I fell prey to… Netflix.

What did you think it was going to be? Ebola? Pshh.

Seriously though, Netflix is a problem. Not necessarily for the person who uses it to casually watch movies every now and then, but for the fanatic of any TV show the constant streaming access is troublesome.

Why you ask? Well. I will show you. Let’s just say that a certain college individual likes a TV show a great deal (not me). Maybe each episode would be around 45-50 minutes long (nooot me). There are about twenty-four episodes per season (remember this is a hypothetical situation here) and nine seasons total. How much time is this poor soul spending glued to the TV screen?

Too much you say? I say Criminal Minds is a fantastic show with great actors and amazing writing, and I don’t need your input.

So, for those individuals who are being held mentally shackled to the goings-on of all their favorite characters, I expect you will want to know if there is a cure.

Well, I have good and bad news.

The good news is, as long as you finish the series, you should be able to move on with your life (IE homework. We are still college students).

The bad news? Netflix is always trying to draw you back in. As soon as you finish something, the next screen to pop up says something like, “Oh, did you like this show? Judging by the amount of time you invested in it, I would definitely say you did, but it’s just more polite to feign ignorance and ask. These shows are very similar to this one… Can I interest you in watching them? Come on, just onnne little episode?”

And that’s how you get sucked in.

Stay strong my friends.

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College Life: Take Two


Setting my alarm for 7:30 a.m. was not easy. I had been avoiding the fact that I would be returning to class for the spring semester in a matter of hours. I was a little nervous about jumping back into college life, especially after such a long and lazy break. What if I completely forgot how to write an essay or take part in class discussions? What if my classes were extremely hard and my grades dropped drastically? I knew that most of my worries were ridiculous, but there is something about the first day that sets me on edge.

Upon my arrival to campus I immediately fell into my old ways. I saw many of the friends I missed over break, and it felt as if I had never left. Obviously, I had worried for nothing. It was hard for me to wrap my mind around returning to college, but I’m honestly excited. I had missed my friends, teachers, learning, and being challenged on a daily basis. Sitting around in my sweat pants, eating holiday leftovers, and watching Netflix was enjoyable; however, that gets old very quickly.

I know it can be hard jumping back into the fast lane. I will be the first to admit that my sleeping schedule was totally messed up—I had become borderline nocturnal—and the energy to get out of bed wasn’t exactly there. It takes a little time getting back into the swing of things, but it is definitely worth it. Now, I find myself looking forward to what this semester has to offer. I want to experience and learn; that’s why I am in college, after all.

I encourage everyone to break out of their comfort zones and really embrace the college experience. Try not to worry about the new semester so much and focus on the fact that you have made it this far. I hope you make this semester your best one yet. And remember, summer break is right around the corner. :)

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It’s That Time of Year Again….


If you haven’t noticed, it is finals week at MSU-WP. Students are freaking out, the coffee supply is low, and we are running on little to no sleep. Finals at any campus are a crazy time. You know that schedule that you planned out at the beginning of the semester? That perfect schedule that allowed you to sleep until 9:30 every morning and then work all afternoon? That schedule that was perfect?! Yeah, now it’s a flaming pile of garbage. Now your schedule doesn’t matter even in the slightest. Finals take on a whole new schedule all week. Good-bye routine, hello winging it. For example, my 9:30 class has its final at 8. Yes. 8. AM. And yes, you’re right, I am NOT a morning person. But that’s okay. What is one more obstacle in the wake of finals week?

Aside from having to work with a whole new schedule, finals week isn’t too bad. (It’s actually the worst thing ever.) Just kidding. Yes, finals week is crazy and the only thing that will get you through it is the promise of break at the end, but it’s worth it. It’s like the best reward ever. Yes, you will be drained after finals. However, as long as you stay on top of things all year long, finals won’t be that bad. If you wait until this week or the week before to try and do all of your online homework, you’re going to have an awful time. If you’ve done your homework every week like it’s outlined, this week will be 5 or 6 tests, and that is it. That’s the beauty of finals; there’s no homework, just long, drawn out, studying sessions. Your sole focus is the final. There is no homework to distract; there are no more papers about topics you know nothing about to overpower you.

Finals week is crazy and hectic. But at the end, you will feel like you’ve won a battle. You have conquered those tests, and nothing can take that feeling away from you. You have prepared for this, and you did it. The semester is done, and you can eat your feelings about finals because of all the Christmas goodies lying around. I know that I am so excited to go home for a couple weeks! The food is just a bonus.

So, good luck on finals, and here’s some Kuzco and Pacha to brighten your day! Maybe I should go watch The Emperor’s New Groove..


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The Sweet Sound of Music

So I recently decided that I’m going to finally learn guitar. I have been wanting to for years and have always found excuses to not. So, finally, I buckled down and tried to learn it. I’m a weird learner. I have trouble learning pure theory, but I’m great at learning applied theory. For instance… I had trouble learning basic chords and strumming patterns. But when I learned a song from YouTube, the same chords and strumming patterns came naturally. I’m well on my way to learning the guitar, (Ladies, pleeeease) but I’ve learned a couple things on the way.

Learning an instrument and going to college are alike in a lot of ways. One of the worst parts was the pain in my fingers… For the first two weeks, playing guitar was agony. My dad had non-coated guitar strings that made the tips of my fingers bleed if I played too long… I remember trying to type papers and wincing every time I hit a key. But I got through it, and I eventually built nice, thick callouses on my fingers. When I started playing, I was horrible. The strings buzzed when I strummed. My fingers were clumsy. Everything was wrong and awkward. Nothing was natural.

College is the same. Many people are intimidated by the first day. By mess ups. By pain in school. But what they don’t realize is that every single student goes through things like that, and no matter what, you always get through it. To learn guitar, you must play and play and play until you don’t think you can play anymore, and then play some more. When you do that, playing will become more natural and easier. When you’re in college, you need to keep going and eventually you will get so used to school that everything you do is sweet music until you walk across that stage for your diploma.

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First Time Junior


I just signed up for my last semester of classes at Missouri State University-West Plains. I feel a little lost, honestly. I keep forgetting I won’t be here forever, and it makes me very sad to leave. Even sadder, my roommate, who I have grown very fond of, is leaving me in a month to continue on to her bachelor’s degree. Dangit, I am gonna miss her so much! Anyway. I am transferring to Missouri State in Springfield in the fall. I. Am. Worried. I came here because I like small campuses. Missouri State is NOT a small campus. I know I will be fine, but it’s a scary prospect. I’m not worried about classes, mostly because I’m too busy being excited to start taking classes that actually deal with my degree path instead of general education classes. Instead, I am concerned about finding somewhere to live and eat and find a job and pay for this more expensive university. Honestly, I am back in the place I was two years ago. I feel like a senior in high school again. I have found the school I am going to attend, but now I have to get all of the semantics down. Job. Financial Aid. Housing. Will I need to find roommates and get an apartment or live on campus? These are the things I am stressing about right now, just like a first time college student!

I know it will be okay; it’s just a lot to deal with. I keep pretending it isn’t happening, and that will probably bite me in the butt, but it’s working for now.

What is really getting me through is that I have a plan. I’ve made a timeline for myself. I applied in October. I was accepted in October. I plan on doing scholarship stuff next month/until school starts. I’m going to start looking at apartments next semester, etc etc. This timeline is keeping me sane.

I’m starting all over. Again. And that’s okay, because I know that this is that last time I have to switch schools! That part makes me super pumped. And once all of this is done, I probably won’t have to do it again. Finding an apartment and roommate(s) are (hopefully) one time deals, at least for the next couple of years.

So, to all of you in the same situation, whether it is the first or second time you’ve done this: good luck. It will all work out. Take a deep breath and let out some of that anxiety! I’ll continue to keep you all updated on the transferring schools process.

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The Butterflies that Keep Your Head in the Sky…

Before I get to the part where I explain the title of the journal, I want someone to tell me why in the world there fan is running full blast in this building on a cold, wet, dreary day.

Oh, don’t worry, I’ll wait. I’ll just be here… you know… shivering.

Nothing? No answer?

Well, I guess it’s time to bundle up and write this sucker down.

Or…you know, I could wait to write this when I’m at home, all curled up in my electric blanket with a mug of hot, yummy tea. Oh! I’ll wear my fluffy Eeyore pajama pants too. That would be perfect!

You know… while I’m there… I could probably read a book instead. The Fault in Our Stars sounds really good (even though Pinterest RUINED THE PLOT TWIST FOR ME); I could snag a copy of that.

As amazing as it all sounds, I don’t really have room in my schedule to do that. Even if I didn’t have this journal to jot down, I’ve still got homework to do. I also have social and professional responsibilities to fulfill. Then, on top of all that, I’ve got my own personal goals to work towards, and that stuff takes time and dedication.

So, why have goals at all then? Goals are the reason we are here attending college. If that’s not your reason, I would find one fast, because I think you’ll find soon that if you don’t have a reason to be here, you won’t be here long. Because, if you don’t have anything to work for, why? Why do the homework? Why go to class? Why go forward? What would it all add up to? These dreams are what keeps all of our heads in the clouds, looking around at the beautiful sky and all the possibilities. If I want to see those dreams, goals, and responsibilities fulfilled, I can’t wait for the perfect moment to work on that stuff.

That is why I’m here, freezing my butt off, writing this journal. I may be uncomfortable, but I am not unable to do the things I need to do, and the bottom line is that it just isn’t appropriate to bring your electric blanket to work (I know, I wish that wasn’t the case. It hurts us all).

There will always be something trying to hold you back. Sometimes that force is external, like lack of money or opportunity. Most often, however, you’ll find that your own fear is holding you back. What if it doesn’t turn out right? What if everyone hates it? All of that can be boiled down to one major fear: What if I’m not good enough?

As long as you believe that you aren’t good enough, you will be stuck in one place for the rest of your life. Many people are fine with that; they are comfortable with their position and expectations, so they don’t see a need to move on. If that works for you, then that’s great. But if you want to move on, you have to take the risk of falling. It sucks. But that’s life.

So, now that I’ve uncovered all of these uncomfortable truths about the ways of life I think I will go make that cup of tea and curl up under my blanket. I’ve done my responsibilities for the day, and it is time to unwind and enjoy time with those I love. Have a great day everyone!

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