Give Me a Break!

It’s been a great semester so far!  Even though going to class every day really isn’t all that bad, I am EXTREMELY pumped for the breaks coming up. One of my main reasons for this is because of the insane amount of food I will be consuming! Food is everything to me, and I am sure a lot of you can relate. But seriously, the real reason I am excited for the upcoming breaks is because of the all the family that I haven’t seen for a year. Family is a very important part of my life, and it makes it that much more important because I only see some of them during this time.

I am also ready for the break so I can take a time off from everything going on in my classes, and focus on myself for a while. I CANNOT WAIT to sleep in an extra couple of hours. (Or the whole day!) Another thing I am stoked for is to see all of friends who will be back home in the coming weeks.

I hope everybody has an awesome break, whether you catch up on homework or go on a crazy Netflix binge, make it the best. Happy Thanksgiving/Merry Christmas!!!

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Stay focused its Almost Over.

It has be a month since Mid-Terms, and students have now seen where their grades were at in the middle of first semester. Some students have dropped the classes they were struggling in, or stepped their game up and are trying to push through.  Other students who saw their grades now know that they are going to be just fine. Now it’s that time of the school year where even those doing well start to worry. Finals are coming up and these can help your grade a lot or kill it. With Finals being a few weeks a way it is best everyone keeps pushing their hardest to finish out the semester. Keep staying focused, I know the thought of being done with school for a few weeks, before spring semester starts sounds good, but stay focused. Here are some tips to stay focused on school for these next weeks and doing well on Finals. The first tip is to keep your eyes on the prize! Remember you have been working hard all school year to keep your grades where they are, don’t let them slip now. The second tip I have is study, study, study!  The final exam is just a big review of everything you have learned over the semester. If you’ve did well throughout the semester you will be fine, but make sure you’ve still dedicated time just for studying. This is so that you can remember all of that material you need to know. Most professors will give a Final exam review sheet, make sure you really use that because all of that information will be on there. The third, and final tip that I have to give you is to be CONFIDENT, know that you have this in the bag! Remember you have been preparing for this the whole semester, and now it is time to go in and do what you know you can do!

Good Luck on Finals guys, you got this in the bag!!

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‘Til Texas

So, it’s finally November. The leaves have turned colors and campus has been looking magnificent.  Ask Week is over, everyone is scheduling their classes for Spring Semester. Now it the time to start preparing for finals, but before I can even think of finals I have one major thing on my mind. Thanksgiving break. College breaks are very different than breaks in High School, we still get homework. (YAY!) However, on top of doing homework, this Thanksgiving I will be doing something I have never done before. I will be flying down to Texas to spend some time with my family and on this adventure there will be a number of firsts. My first time travelling alone, my first time flying, and my first time meeting a large part of my family in Texas. I guess you could say nervous is an understatement.

I thought that I would be more prepared for this adventure than I actually am. I mean, I’ve had this planned since May! But, I’m not. I’m actually in complete panic mode, but extremely excited to spend some time with my sisters, Dad, and all of my family in Texas. Even though I’m spending so much time worrying about flying, especially flying alone, I know that as soon as I get down there I will have the best time. I mean, this year alone I have done so many things that have brought me out of my comfort zone and been just fine. I have a whole week planned full of activities to do while I’m visiting and am so excited to see what this adventure brings me. I might not even come back..(Just kidding, I will.)

After break, I know it’ll be time to really buckle down because the semester will be coming to a close, everyone will be busy, busy, busy. And I will have a million other things to worry about, but as of right I have 18 days until take off. I can’t wait.



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The College Life

I made it past mid-terms successfully. Throughout all the hard work and study time, I can proudly say I did well on my midterms. A mid-term is kind of like a “see where you are at in the class.” If you do not do as well as you would like on the mid-term, then you know to step up your game and buckle up for the study life. I am adjusting to the whole “college life” experience. There is a lot of homework that comes with college; therefore, I learned that I can no longer procrastinate on my assignments. I know, I know… I should never procrastinate on my homework, but it happens to the best of us. The ambassador program has been the highlight of my school year thus far. The friends I have made through the program are irreplaceable. From the Blue Jean Ball to Haunting the Hallows, I have had so much fun connecting with the community, as well as my student ambassador family.

Finally, fall is in the air after suffering through the hot air from the summer (let’s just say that I am not exactly a fan of the summer 100 degree weather). The time off that comes with summer is great and all, but fall is absolutely beautiful at MSU! The leaves are changing all around from red to yellow to orange. The atmosphere is absolutely breath taking. The wind blowing the leaves off the trees, the sun not radiating heat on my black leather seats to burn my legs when I get in my car, Halloween, and finally HUNTING SEASON has arrived. Oh, and I cannot forget that fall means Thanksgiving. Spending time with a plate of food and family is what I look forward to each Thanksgiving. I haven’t exactly made it through Halloween, and I am already talking about Thanksgiving. It’s ok though, right? I can’t forget about football season. I enjoy watching more local teams instead of the NFL. I don’t know any of the NFL players personally, so I do not focus on the game near as much as I do watching my friends play on Friday nights.

I’m excited to see what the rest of the fall semester brings. Ready or not here I come ASK Week when I meet with my advisor to schedule my classes for next semester. Just remember to set your mind to everything you do to strive for excellence and never give up on your dreams. Stay tuned for more Grizzly life news from my perspective! #grizzlyup :)

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Just Chillin’

It’s finally that time of year…I get tired of all the warm weather and the seasons change, which is pretty dang cool! Today the weather is really cold (compared to what it has been) and windy which tells me fall is about to kick in. With fall comes three of my favorite things: watching football, deer hunting, and Halloween. It’s pretty weird how I am reminded of all these things just by the weather.

Even though I’ve never played football, I have always enjoyed watching it for some reason. I’m a big Green Bay Packers fan (Don’t judge).  Along with this comes fantasy football where a bunch of my friends and I get in a league for some money. It gets pretty competitive, and some of my friends get a pretty big head if they win. (I usually win, so I don’t have to worry about (; )

Deer season is also coming up which gets me very stoked. It’s so fun to get up super early, sit in the stand and wait on a bruiser to walk through the woods. We build our own fire to cook on, which is pretty great because it makes me feel like I am on some survivor show or something.. Haha. If you’ve never been hunting before, I suggest you try it at least once and I promise you will be addicted!

When I was younger I used to hate getting scared so Halloween wasn’t exactly my favorite holiday. However, once I got in my teens I started watching a lot of scary movies, going to haunted houses, and all that good stuff. Halloween became one of my favorite holidays, and still is today. There was just something exciting about going out at 2 A.M. to egg a house or throw toilet paper on a random yard, although I would never do that now.. Or would I..?(But seriously, I wouldn’t..)

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Did someone say…Midterms?!?!

It was just like any other Wednesday in my Biology class…Dr. Wheeler was fighting with his markers trying to write notes on the board and I was sitting in the back stressing about what lab we might possibly be doing for the day. Wheeler was about to throw away his third marker in the past five minutes when the hand of a girl who sat three rows in front of me shot up. “Mr. Wheeler, are you going to post a study guide for our midterm for this class?” Wait…what did she mean “Midterm” *Initiate panic mode* Wasn’t I running up the steps trying to make it to my very first class on time just last week? How could this be? We just took our first test of the semester and now we are talking about MIDTERMS?!?! I just was starting to get the hang of things and now this?

Then I remembered playing “Big Booty” with Dr. Totty at Welcome Week, she had told all of us that college would always be changing just when you felt comfortable with what you were doing, and she was certainly right. I guess it’s time I stop spending so much time with my true love, Netflix, and start spending a little more time with my textbooks. It’s not that I’ve been doing horrible here, actually it’s quite the opposite. I LOVE college (I know, I know, but it really is pretty great.) I do my homework when I’m supposed to and get the majority of my reading done, AND work! Booyah! I’ve been pretty proud of myself lately. I really feel like I’ve been getting it together, but midterms. This is like the major test before the major FINAL test! What if I don’t do well? What if I have to write a paper? A FIVE PAGE, SINGLE SPACED PAPER? What if I forget what Glycolysis is?

After all of my panicking it turns out that my Biology class will not be taking a midterm test, or writing a midterm paper. HELLO! And even though I still don’t know what the midterm will be in my other classes, I have given myself enough time to calm down and prepare myself for the week ahead. Sometimes, life (and college) throws you curveballs, and catches you off guard. It’s important to remember that, even though it may be tough, it can be done and you WILL get through it. Who knows, you might even do better than you anticipated. So gather your notebooks, a coffee (or five), and bring on the MIDTERMS, because FINALS are only eight weeks away! 😉

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Week Numero Uno

Wow… I made it. I’m finally a college student, and I’m not quite sure what to think. Campus life is so incredibly different from the high school atmosphere and it’s starting to grow on me. It’s like transitioning from one family to another, which excites me for what is to come in the future.

One thing that I really love about my new home is how caring and understanding my teachers really are. Like seriously I thought college instructors were supposed to heartless and cruel monsters? (Okay…maybe I’m being a little harsh!) I can’t believe how easy to work with they are. If I email them with a question or problem I’m having, I usually get a response within an hour, which just shows me how important I am to them considering their busy schedule. I’m also loving the way they teach! All of my teachers are so engaged, helping me to stay awake and stay more focused that I would in a class where it’s just lecture for an hour…

As you could’ve guessed, the ambassador job is also amazing. So blessed I get the chance to be a part of this awesome family! Being involved in everything makes it a lot easier on me while I’m making this transition.

So the things I have learned so far: GO TO CLASS! It’s not hard to make yourself get to class, especially when you have so much more time to yourself. DO HOMEWORK EARLY! Do everything that needs to be done wayyyyy ahead of time, that way you have more time for yourself, and you don’t have to stress over procrastination. HAVE FUN! Get involved! Make time for yourself! It’s not healthy to just do stressful work 24/7. Make some time for yourself and friends, and make your college career an incredibly awesome experience!

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New Beginnings

It is safe to say that I am honored to continue my passion for journalism. If most of you do not know, I was the editor for the West Plains High School Newspaper, Zizzerette. Writing is a way to express myself through words. If some of you struggle with writing or have free time, then I suggest you just sit down, relax, and write what is on your mind. Writing is a stress reliever for myself. Yeah, I know you are thinking… “This girl is crazy, she loves to write essays and research papers.” In all reality, writing is fun and all, but why not be creative with whatever life throws at you. Every writing assignment is different; in order to have fun with your writing assignments, you can write an informal essay to fit your individuality.

College is AMAZING! High school teachers try to scare the students by persuading them to believe that in college this, this, and that is not allowed. We have all heard this before, right? In college, I have learned that professors are laid back and understanding about our busy lives. Professors have different methods of teaching; therefore, there is a class suitable for you to become successful. The professors genuinely care about their students and are capable to build a bond with each of their students because the average class size is 18. Unlike high school, in college contacting my professor is just an email away. Let’s just say that technology is great to accustom to. There are many opportunities at MSU- West Plains that many colleges and high schools do not offer.

The student ambassador program is the best thing that has happened to me. With the program, I can stay involved on campus just like I was in high school. My fellow student ambassadors are very friendly and I can consider them all my friends. It is amazing to see where everyone comes from, and how we all connect. I am very excited to see what the student ambassador program has in store for us this year. My goal this year is to make a difference on many lives to have them walk around campus with me within the next year with successful recruitment.

P.S. Stay tuned to Grizzly Life News from my perspective. #grizzlyup :)

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Oh by the Way, I’m Going to China

College life has been pretty eventful lately. My assignments are pouring in, activities on campus are keeping me busy, and I’m haphazardly preparing for upcoming trips and events. On top of all that, I was given a fantastic opportunity. Yes, I was accepted to study abroad in Dalian, China, for the fall 2015 semester.

While this acceptance is an honor, it doesn’t quite seem real. In fact, I have been so caught up in current events that I haven’t allowed myself proper time to reflect upon this achievement. Initially, the thought running through my mind when I think about studying abroad is as follows:


However, after the general excitement has passed, other worries and questions are unveiled. How in the world am I going to take care of myself? This is like moving away from home, only to the absolute extreme. I will be in a completely foreign country with entirely different cultures and customs. How am I going to talk to other people? What should I eat? How do I transfer and receive money? Why don’t they have Facebook?!

So many questions and so few answers, but there lies the beauty of it all. This entire trip will be about discovery. I will be spending all of my time in an entirely different environment, physically and mentally. This experience will allow me to live in a way completely different than the one I have known my whole life. That is why it’s important to travel, because the learning experiences are completely unique. I am so grateful that this campus has the ability to send students abroad every semester. This experience is going to greatly change my worldview, and quite possibly my life.

I highly recommend all students look into some form of foreign travel. It is incredibly important to be exposed to diverse ideas and cultures. This journal may seem redundant to my last post, but I just want to explain how hard work pays off. I did my very best to be accepted into the study abroad program, and now my dreams are being made a reality.



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A Whole New World

I apologize to those of you who, upon reading my title, thought I would be typing a journal entry over a popular Disney movie. There are no genies and magic flying carpets here. However, if I got a certain song stuck in your head, feel free to hum while you read.

The real topic at hand is much more exciting, at least, for me. I’m talking about adventure. I’m talking about foreign lands, and the romance of the strange and unusual. I’m talking about travel!

Now that I’ve been overly dramatic, let me expand on that.

The concept of travel has always appealed to me, as long as I can remember. I’m not exactly sure what makes it so captivating. It could be because I have never explored too far beyond my own front door. Just as easily, it could be the concept of a daring adventure, or meeting new people and experiencing diverse cultures. Perhaps it’s a combination of all of those things. Whatever the reason for its intrigue, travel is a beautiful experience that has evaded me for far too long.

Of course I have had my fair share of inner-state tourism; however, I’m not sure I can count that as an actual travel experience. I have yet to get completely consumed in a foreign land, and become educated in areas far surpassing that of the average tourist. In order to experience this, I know I must get out of this country and find my own adventure.

Recently, I have been exposed to so many opportunities for travel out of the country. Of course, it helps that I attend a university that is incredibly supportive of travel overseas. The opportunities for travel on this campus include China, Ireland, Costa Rica, India, and many other areas. The possibilities really are endless, and I am happy to be attending a university that is just as excited about travel as its students.

This coming May, I will be boarding my FIRST flight, and leaving the country for the FIRST time. While my excitement may or may not be evident thus far, let me just explain.


I will be taking a trip with the Honors program to Ireland. We will be traveling through southern Ireland, stopping in areas like Dublin, Killarney, and Cork. Just thinking about the adventures I will be having in a few short months has me wishing the semester would hurry along. Not only have I been daydreaming about this upcoming trip, but I have been pinning Ireland info like crazy on Pinterest. (I know I’m on Pinterest too much; I’m seeking help.)

I know this trip to Ireland will be only one of the many adventures I plan on taking in my lifetime. I am a firm believer that experiences are worth far more than material things ever could be. If you are like me, and you have always wanted to get out and see what the world has to offer, go do it. I’m serious. DO IT. Don’t let fear stop you. Don’t let what others may think stop you. Don’t let the price of a decent trip stop you. It is all well worth the sacrifices. If you spend all of your time waiting for the perfect moment to travel, you just might be waiting for the rest of your life.


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