Winter Wrap Up!

It’s gone! WOOO! No more snow! No more frost! The rain is feeling warmer, the sun is shining brighter, and the birds are singing louder! It’s almost time for bathing suits, sunscreen, sunglasses, popsicles, and shorts! Spring flowers are blooming, summer is almost here, and the spring semester ends in…. wait, what? When did that happen? Finals begin on May 12?!

What happened to my time? What about all of the months, weeks, and days I had as a nice, healthy cushion between me and my finals?! I HAVE ONE WEEK?


It is time, my friends, to get out calendars, start lists, make countdowns, and buy energy drinks. The key to this time of year isn’t exactly time management, though that certainly helps, so much as it is interest management.

It is so important to have fun, relax, be with friends, hang around outside, and other things, especially right now when our major emotion is stress, but all other responsibilities come first.

So, my advice is to pick relaxing things that have a stopping point.

So don’t choose these things:

  1. A book- I’ll just read a chapter…. More. Just one more. Just one more…..
  2. Organizing- I can’t clean this dresser and leave my sink a mess! I’ll just put this in here….
  3. Questing games- Come on! I just gave you these 20 lion paws, and now you want 40 lizard tongues? Fine! I’ll just do I now…. To get you off my back…

Try this instead:

  1. Exercise- No one will say “just one more mile!” No one.
  2. Paint your nails- When it’s dry, do your homework. If you mess them up, re-do them in an hour.
  3. Make a glass of tea- Try using red bull instead of water. You’ll conquer the world!!!

I’m just kidding. Don’t ever do that. Seriously. You may perish.

I hope these suggestions help guys! I’m going to be testing them out myself!

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