Mistakes Made Along the Way

First off, I want to say that the university has an Instagram. And it’s super cool. (missouristatewp) They also have a Twitter. (@missouristatewp) Also cool. And a Facebook. That one is so cool that they have to have two: one for Admissions and one for the university as a whole. Like, follow, friend, all of those pages. GO!

Now that you’ve done that, read my journal. Please and thank you.

It is crazy to think that the school year is almost over. We’ve reached our Operation 50K goal, my classes end today, finals are next week, and then I won’t be a freshman anymore. Whew. This is the last time I’ll be a freshman. The year is finally winding down after these last two weeks littered with big projects and presentations.

Funny story about that. So, I had a paper and a presentation due in one of my classes. Of course, I procrastinated and procrastinated and the day to present came, and I wasn’t too prepared. The powerpoint was done, but the paper needed work. Well, we got the paper done, and we went to present in the nick of time. Turns out, I meant to add something to one of the slides, and I had a not so nice reminder on it that I had not taken off. The class was in hysterics at my oops. Very red faced, I finished up the presentation.

I tell you this story for two reasons: procrastination is bad and proofreading is IMPORTANT. I still can’t believe I did that. It was such a rookie mistake, and I did it at the end of my second semester of college. However, I did learn from it. I will never do that again. Procrastinating is so bad! I do it. I do! I am not innocent in this! But I also know my limitations. I know a typical paper takes me x amount of hours, and if it’s a research paper, I need to add an hour to that time period. So, I can do it the day before with no problems because  I know myself. However, I can’t do it that day. I don’t have time to start on it at 10 p.m. at night and get enough sleep to sustain my sleeping requirement. (Fun fact: I’m pretty sure I sleep more now than I did in high school. Naps are basically everything wonderful wrapped in an hour of bliss.)

Anyway, that’s the thing. Learning to manage it all. Procrastinating is not something that needs to happen often. Especially something big like a presentation. I work well under stress; it’s where I’m most motivated and surprisingly productive. But it’s not good for me. At all. Keep a level head, don’t procrastinate, that way there’s time to proofread! PROOFREADING IS NECESSARY!

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