Have You Ever Wanted To Travel?

I love to travel and have been fortunate to have gotten the opportunity to travel to Europe twice in my life time. With traveling comes so many new and exciting experiences. Going through customs, trying new food, seeing the people, all of it is so exciting to me and something that I hope everyone can experience. If you are a student I really encourage you to travel now while you are young and carefree. As life goes on we get more responsibility and life seems to get in the way of a taking a ten day trip to Europe! Every year Dennis Lancaster, our Interim Dean of Academic  Affairs, takes a group of students on a trip somewhere outside of the United States. Two years ago I went, and it was a trip I will always remember. We went to Germany, Austria, Italy, and Switzerland.  We got to travel through the Swiss Alps, visit the Eagles Nest, eat gelato while walking on the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, and visited numerous other historical sites. Our tour guide knew so much information and was fun to be around. It was truly an awesome experience! Thanks to Missouri State University-West Plains I was able to take a trip like this, and you can too! As I said earlier, they take a group every year, and it is a wonderful trip to take! If you are interested in a longer stay on the other side of the globe you might want to consider our study abroad program in China! If you are an A+ student you can study for a semester in China for free!!! If you don’t have A+ you can still study at the same price as you would if you were attending here in West Plains. It is an amazing deal for students. While you are studying over there you work in the tutoring lab as an English tutor along with getting the opportunity to see the awesome city of Dalian, China. If you get on You Tube and search China Internship Program, Joseph Puzzo created a video talking about his experience in China.  Watch that video and you will be ready to hop on a plane! If traveling out of the states isn’t your thing we have many opportunities to travel to neighboring areas to learn about the rich culture we have. From the old TB clinics in Eminence, to the mills and streams of the surrounding areas, there is so much that can be learned. Whether it’s close to home or far away, I encourage you to get out and explore the world, learn about different cultures, and broaden your horizons. Bon voyage!!!

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