Summer School Horrors

I always loved attending summer school when I was younger. I can remember a time when I had never been to summer school before, and I remember being scared to death of the idea of going to school during the summer. I imagined scenes from movies where students would be sitting in class with no air-conditioning for hours with absolutely nothing to do. I imagined the teachers being grumpy and cruel–like from the movie Matilda. I was afraid I would hate summer school and that I would not be allowed to swim or have any fun whatsoever; sadly, I had no choice but to go.

I was absolutely dreading summer school, but after a couple days I realized how much fun it was. My teachers were fun and enthusiastic, and they always had fun things to do, like building robots, making Go-Karts, building roller coasters from Styrofoam tubes and marbles, making castles and bridges from toothpicks and popsicle sticks, and of course, going SWIMMING at the city pool!!! I couldn’t believe how much FUN summer school was!! AND, I was getting paid to go! Life couldn’t have been cooler!

Now, I am in college, and I just started summer school. Again, I was scared of how it would go. I was scared of being stuck in a classroom forever with a lousy teacher and no air conditioning. But once again, my assumptions were wrong. I am loving summer school in college, and it isn’t as bad as I had imagined!

I have been in college for nearly a year now, and I love each and every class I have taken. With each class, there is certain criterion which needs to be met. During normal semesters, teachers have five months (roughly) to teach students all the necessary material; thus, students have five months to retain all that material. In summer school, the same material need to be taught in two months’ time (roughly), but there is less time for professors to teach and less time for students to learn, thus, making classes a bit more difficult than normal. Less time to learn means more cramming and quicker due dates for assignments.

I’m not sure if it is because of summer school or because I am enrolled in the maximum amount of classes, but I will honestly say summer school in college can be a challenge. It is not like summer school when you were younger. BUT, with a bit of dedication and focus, I am SURE you will do great in summer school! :)

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