Hello, Goodbye

Summer is so close to being over! Wow! My summer has been crazy hectic. Between working almost full time, being the RA, and taking a class, I hit the ground running every morning. Add on top of this friends and family, it is crazy. Whew. Thankfully, I have wonderful bosses who let me take some time off, and with that time, I will be going to Florida! YES! AND! AND! I get to go to Warped Tour when I get back. So I have ONE week of all of this, then vacation, and then OH MY GOODNESS SCHOOL STARTS IN TWO WEEKS! Summer is FLYING by. Sorry about all the caps, it’s all important. Then there’s Welcome Week, which everyone who is going to MSU-WP in the fall should go to. For more information, go here: http://wp.missouristate.edu/studentlife/WelcomeWeek.htm I get to be a group leader, so I’m pumped! I leave that Saturday to go home for a couple days because the Springfield Swap Meet is going on, and that’s practically a holiday in my family. It’s a blast. After that, I come back and start school Monday, and that’s the start of a new semester! Whew! THERE IS LESS THAN A MONTH UNTIL SCHOOL STARTS! That’s terrifying. In the next few days, I have to pack, move, take a final, and then go home so I can go to Florida with my roommate and friends. I think the worst part is that I’m packing to take all of my stuff to the third floor, but I’m also packing all of my Florida stuff too. It’s a crazy process, I tell you.

So. Summer on campus. I’ve never done that. I’ve kind of been playing grown up the last couple of months, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. Waking up, looking nice, working during regular hours, taking a real actual hour lunch break, it’s all pretty weird. Looking back, it’s been a good real world experience. So I’m going to make a pros and cons list of being a grown up.


1. Added responsibility. This is a pro because there is a wonderful sense of doing well that goes along with it.

2. You are responsible for your own self. Being your own person is amazing. Knowing that if you’re hungry and you want pop-tarts, you can decide if that’s worth the extra calories and money.

3. Making decisions. Again, this is a blessing and a curse. If you don’t want to go to movie night, you don’t have to! No one is MAKING you do anything. You make every decision for you.

4. Freedom. Being autonomous and not having someone you have to check in with is incredible. You get to come and go at your leisure.

5. That feeling of accomplishment. This is great. When you finish something, be it a work project or a research paper or cleaning the kitchen, it’s amazing to sit back and go, “I did that.”

6. Starting your life. My life will never be the same. I can’t go back to how I was in high school. I’ve seen the other side, and that will lead me.

7. Real life experience. Dude this is so important. I mean, I knew a lot before I came here, but I had never put it into practice. Now I’ve put it into practice, and I’ve learned so much.


1. Early mornings. Worst thing ever. I am not too much of a morning person. I like to wake up around 9, 9:30. When your job starts at 8, that isn’t really feasible.

2. Added responsibility. This is also a con because with more responsibility comes more stress.

3. There is no hiding out in your room because people will always find you! Seriously. If you want to get away from it all here’s what you have to do: Leave the country, smash all of your electronics, buy your ticket with cash under a false name, wear a disguise so the flight people cannot identify you, and tell no one you are going. (I do not advise this.) I’m exaggerating, but I used to have solace. Now? Not so much. Someone always needs something, and with technology, it is so easy for people to track you down.

4. You’re always worried about something. Work, school, friends, family, etc. The first few weeks I was the RA, I was constantly worried I was doing something wrong. I worried something catastrophic would happen while I was grocery shopping and there were a million scenarios we won’t go into.

5. You actually stress over work. This is a biggie for me. At any job I have ever held, it was pretty stress free. I left work at work. Now, since I’m off on Fridays, I stress something will happen that needs my immediate attention. Usually that isn’t the case, thank goodness. I learned after a few weeks I do not need that added stress.

6. Dangit, sometimes I just want to be a kid! People expect you to be appropriate and well-mannered in public. I have to mingle with people, which is sometimes difficult when all I want to do is crawl under the covers and eat ice cream and watch Netflix. Being an adult means people are ALWAYS watching what you do, so you always have to monitor yourself. What about in the privacy of your own home, you may ask. Sometimes it works, other times, well… (Refer to #3.)

Growing up is inevitable. If you’re a Friends fan like I am, you will also conjure up an image of Joey looking up towards the sky on his 30th birthday saying, “We had a deal!” Here’s a gif for your viewing pleasure:



Whether you like it or not, you will grow up! Hang on, and enjoy the ride. Find the good things and never focus on the negative. So, this week instead of focusing on packing, moving, taking a final, and the 12 hour drive to Florida, I will focus on the fact that this time Saturday, I will be on the beach with my friends without a care in the world.

Enjoy what’s left of summer!


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