Why use Skype?

Skype LogoWhat is Skype? Skype is an application used for making phone calls from your computer and other various devices. Skype allows users to call and video chat all in one. With using USB handsets, users have the ability to talk on Skype using a conventional phone device. Skype-equipped Wi-Fi phones allow users to tap into the Skype service anywhere there is Wi-Fi access. Not only can you call nationwide, but you can also call anywhere in the world. Further than the Skype-to-Skype calls, users can pay for premium services such as SkypeIn and SkypeOut. The benefits of using this program are that its users can call anywhere for a low cost, it is very simple, fun, and easy. Also, Skype is now being used for school and work related activities. Skype is the best way to have not only a conversation, but also interviews, instant messaging, etc., without leaving your home. According to the Educause Learning Initiative, an estimated 250 million accounts are set up worldwide. By providing an easy, inexpensive way to communicate with people around the world, Skype opens the door to a wide range of activities that can improve student engagement and comprehension. The downside to Skype is that the sound quality is not as consistent and reliable as that of a landline or cell phones. One day people might make phone calls or have video conferences without having to know let alone care how communication happens. When interviewed, Audrey Falkenrath states, “I really like the fact that it is free for video chatting. It is very reliable to any high-speed internet access. Also, I enjoy talking to people around the world beacuse it allows me to learn what is it like to live elsewhere.”  Want to start using Skype? Go to  www.skype.com and download a free application today.  To learn more about the uses of Skype and its efficiency, go to http://about.skype.com.

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