Issuu® is a website where anyone can post documents on the web and they are available for others to read.  It allows a reader to collect documents that they want from many different publications or from other people that have uploaded a digital document to issuu.  Anyone can read and discover your publication and issuu keeps track of the traffic your document receives from readers.  Issuu has privacy settings if you would like to put your document on issuu, but don’t want it available for other to read.

Once you have uploaded files to issuu, they are automatically placed in your library. Files in your library can be edited to match what you want your readers to see. If you wish to have documents in your library, but you don’t want your readers to see them, you ban block them from your readers view.   You can have a contact list where you can send your documents to others, and they can share documents to you.  You can put your document viewer in many different places such as; your personal website, Facebook, a Blogger, and MySpace.  You can use issuu for free or you can upgrade to issuu Pro for $19 a month.

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