Use the Grizzly Den to Grant Registration Overrides

When a student comes to you and asks for special permission to register for your class, there is no longer any need for emails or paper forms.  If you follow the instructions outlined here the process is complete and the student can seemlessly register for your class.

You can grant permission for the following conditions:

  • Student Attribute Required
  • Capacity of course
  • Duplicate course entered
  • Instructor Permission required
  • Prerequisite
  • Repeat limit or repeat hours
  • Time conflicts

Here’s how to do it!

1.  Log into the Grizzly Den and click on the My Teaching/Advising tab.

2.  Click on Registration Overrides on the right hand side of the screen.

3. Select the Term for which you are granting the override.

4. Enter either the student’s ID number (M#) for his/her name and click the Submit button.

5. The system will display the student’s name and ask you to verify that this is the student you asked for.  Click the Submit button once more.

6. Under the Override column, click the down arrow to get the list of choices for whatever particular override you are working on. For example “Prerequisite”.


Override Screen 1

7.  Then under the Courses column, click the down arrow to get a list of courses for which you are the primary instructor. Choose the course for which you need to grant permission for the

override and click the Submit button.

8. You are then returned to this screen where you can see that your override has been successfully saved. (Note: you can see any activity from previous instructors and override conditions for

this student.

Override Screen 3

9. You may now click Exit if you are finished granting overrides or you may use the Return to Menu link to return to the screen to choose another student.


That’s all there is to it!  Once you have completed this process, your student is able to register for the class, either in person or via the web, without any further intervention from you or the

Records and Registration office.








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