My class is full – can I get on a waitlist?

Have you ever wanted to register for a class only to find that it is full already?

Missouri State University-West Plains has a new service that may help you solve this problem.  We now allow waitlisting for closed courses. This means that when you go to My Grizzly Den to register and find that your class is closed, you can add yourself to a waitlist for that course. If a seat opens up in that course, you will be in line to take that seat. There is a limit of five (5) people per waitlist.

If you get on the waitlist, when (or if) a seat opens up an automatic email will be sent to your Missouri State email account. You will have 24 hours to go into My Grizzly Den and change your schedule around so that you can register yourself for the class you waitlisted. If you don’t do anything to your schedule, after the 24 hour waiting period, the next person on the waitlist will be notified and you will be removed from the waitlist.

You can also register for a section of a course and put yourself on the waitlist for another section of the same course. For example: You need ENG 110: the 10:00 AM section is full – the 8:00 AM section is open. You can register for the 8:00 AM section and put yourself on the waitlist for the 10:00 AM section. If you are notified that a seat is open in the 10:00 AM section, you will need to drop the 8:00 am section first and then register for the 10:00 AM section. The system will not allow you to be actually registered in a duplicate course.

So, how does it work?

Go to the Add Classes page and enter the CRN of the course. You will see a message that the course is closed but a waitlist exists and you can add yourself to the waitlist. The drop-down box under the Action header shows Waitlist as your option. Choose this option and click Submit.  Now, your registration will show the classes for which you are registered and the courses for which you are waitlisted.

Screenshot of My Grizzly Den displaying the waitlist screen

If you want to check your waitlist status (see where you are on the waitlist) then go to the Schedule Detail page and check your position and also when your notification expires.

Screenshot of My Grizzly Den displaying the waitlist details

That’s all there is to it. You can be in control of your own schedule. No need to call the office of registration and records or your instructor – they see exactly what you see, so they won’t have any new or different information on your position on the waitlist.

Remember to check your email often if you are on a waitlist. If you miss the 24 hour notification period, you are dropped from the waitlist.

Remember the staff here at Missouri State University-West Plains is always willing to help you through the steps if you get stuck!

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