How to make your device water resistant!

What it is.

Lots of people in this new day and age seems to have a smartphone of some sort. These phones can vary in many ways, such as better hardware or arguably better software. A few companies such as Nokia even boast the toughness of their products. But no phone can say that it survives water exposure easily. This is where liquipel comes into play. Liquipel is an agent that creates an invisible layer of protection that repels water on both the outside of the device and on the inside.

How it is done.

To make your phone water resistant, you can send your phone or other desired electronic device to the Liquipel headquarters in Santa Anta, California. From there, the phone is placed in a chamber that has all the air sucked out of it to create a vacuum in the chamber. Once there is no air left in the chamber, the phone is coated with the water resistant material.

How much is it?

The treatment currently costs $60 and only covers a select few models. It covers almost all iPhones, a few of the newer Samsung Galaxy models, lots of HTC models and only a few Motorola smartphones. The company also offers treatments for tablets, headsets and computers. For a more comprehensive list of supported models and devices follow the link to the Liquipel site and it will take you to the pricing and the lists of supported devices.

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