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The campus homepage is changing to a new mobile-friendly format

With the recent trends showing a rising majority of users viewing University websites via mobile devices, the University started a project of converting webpages to a more mobile-friendly format. Utilizing the mobile first paradigm, developing webpages to be optimal on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and then making them scaleable to notebooks and desktop systems, the University started revamping the layouts of our webpages.

Many of the campus websites have already been converted to the mobile-friendly format. The Springfield campus switched the homepage to a mobile-friendly format between the Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 semesters. Now has the time has come for the West Plains campus homepage to switch to the new format as well. Below is a screenshot of the prototype of the new mobile-friendly homepage layout.

Screenshot of the new mobile-friendly homepage layout.
Screenshot of the new mobile-friendly homepage layout.

Major Changes:

BearPass Tab:

The most notable difference for faculty, staff and students is the removal of the BearPass tab in favor of the new BearPass link and menu. As seen in the screenshot below, when the BearPass link is clicked a new menu will pop down revealing links to different systems that utilize the BearPass login.

BearPass Link and Menu
BearPass Link and Menu.

New Main Menu:

Another change is the addition of the Campus Visit menu allowing a more focused grouping of links for prospective student and visitors.

Screenshot of the Main Menus.
Screenshot of the Main Menus.

The new mobile-friendly homepage should be available beginning August 31, 2015.

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