Fixing the Digital Signs

Over the past few weeks, you might have noticed your friendly neighborhood Campus Media Services team taking TV’s down from the walls and doing other seemingly crazy things around campus. That was part of a major project we just completed involving replacing lots of hardware and software on our Digital Signage system, the system of displays that shows you the latest campus news and events in all campus buildings.

Over the summer, the Digital Signage system experienced failure after failure because the computers running each display couldn’t handle the software we use to show our signage. We wound up having to replace some of the computers altogether, and others just needed a fresh install of Windows. Thus began a three-week project to get every computer back up and running, since we couldn’t realistically do any work on slides for the Digital Signage if half of the signs were down.

On Friday, we finally finished the project once and for all, when we installed Windows on the last couple of displays at Shannon Hall in Mountain Grove. In all, we replaced or upgraded a total of 16 computers, and they all do a much better job of staying up and not failing.

Our Digital Signage system shows us which computers are alive and connected to the system using hearts — if it’s working, the heart is green, and if not, it’s red. When I started work here at the beginning of the month, sometimes about half of the hearts would be red, and no machine would stay green for a long time. Now, every heart is green and stays green, and we’re very proud of that. (It’s not every day you hear someone express pride about green hearts, is it?)

Now that all of the signs are working, if you’d like to see a certain campus event or organization on the Digital Signage, especially on the Mountain Grove campus, feel free to send us an email at WPCampusMedia [at] MissouriState [dot] edu. We’d be more than happy to make a slide and put it up for you. And a reminder to our friends in Mountain Grove: The signage belongs to you, too! We’d love to have more Mountain Grove campus events on the signs alongside West Plains events. Just let us know.

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