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When Choosing a Laptop for College – Why Get a Netbook?

If you’ve been out shopping for a laptop at all in the past two years, you’ve probably seen them. Yes, that’s right: netbooks. Boasting light weight, portability, and battery longevity, these little monsters may seem small and insignificant, but there’s a reason they’re becoming so popular.
What makes these tiny little monsters so popular? Here are some reasons, as well as a few tips and things to consider when deciding whether a netbook is right for you.

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Battery Longevity

Have you ever been out of power right after you thought you charged your battery? Been out in the jungle and run out of juice? Just about to finish that term paper and your screen goes black? Well, my friends,

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Blogging from the iPad

Well, I really wanted to create this post on the iPad! I can say that I did but it isn’t as easy as I wanted. First, the Visual tab in the post editor doesn’t allow for direct text entry. However,

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Document Imaging and a ‘Wall-E’ Society

Missouri State University has begun scanning all documents related to student records into a digital archive. On the West Plains campus we have scanned in 30,000+ pages since September 2009. This benefits our students. For example, before the current imaging

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