About Online Tutoring

For online tutoring, students can send papers to the Online Writing Lab (WPOWL@missouristate.edu) and get feedback in their email in-boxes within 24 hours.


Here is a brief tutorial about using Online Tutoring at the Writing Lab. Students can also use the Tutor Talk feature to chat online in real time with a tutor.

Advantages of Online Tutoring using the OWL

  • Students can send papers any time of the day and from anywhere.
  • It is a relatively anonymous setting without the distractions of the physical presence of a tutor or other students.
  • Tutors have more time to think over their response.
  • Students can print the tutor’s remarks and study them as often as needed.
  • Students can learn from the tutor’s remarks in a setting of their choice.
  • Students get experience reading comments about their writing in writing.

Disadvantages of Online Tutoring using the OWL

  • The immediacy of face-to-face tutoring is gone.
  • Tutors may not have the ability to give effective feedback if students don’t clearly explain the assignment and what kind of feedback they’d like from the tutor.
  • Students might have problems applying the tutor’s suggestions when they revise.
  • Some errors might be difficult for tutors and students to handle in an online session.
  • On the whole, online tutoring is better for global issues, such as essay structure and essay development, while one-to-one tutoring might still be better for teaching grammar.

Advantages of using Tutor Talk

  • Students can ask questions in an anonymous setting
  • Students do not have to be on campus to contact a tutor
  • Tutor Talk allows for real time interactions between students and tutors
  • Students can print the transcript and consult it as often as necessary
  • Students can upload their whole paper and discuss it with the tutor

Disadvantages of using Tutor Talk

  • Tutor Talk is open only during lab hours
  • Students must have internet access to contact tutors
  • Students may not be used to reading comments about writing in writing
  • Tutors may not have a long time to think about their replies