Perspective Shifts

To make sure pronouns in writing are consistent, check their point of view (the person they refer to). Person is nothing more than identifying who is speaking or being spoken about.
There are three types:
First-person (“I,” “we”);
Second-person (“you”);
Third-person (“he,” “they”).
A writing point of view is inconsistent if a sentence switches person without any logical reason.

I like to eat when Peggy is in the backyard because you don’t have to worry about her getting in the way.

Even though Doc tries to keep her in another room, you still have to worry.

Think about it. Why would “you” worry if “I” have a problem? I’m the one who’s worried, so the sentence should show that: “I like to eat when Peggy is in the backyard because I don’t have to worry. . . .” See the problem and how to fix it?


A final suggestion:
In both sentences, the problem occurs with a shift to “you.” Simply avoid using “you” anywhere in a paper. It will help problems with inconsistent point of view, and it will make writing sound more objective.