1. Capitalize nationality, race, language, and religion when used as nouns or adjectives. (Examples: Spanish, French, Protestant, Jewish, etc.)
  2. Capitalize names of states, cities, bodies of water, places, streets, etc. (Pacific Ocean, Buffalo River, Springfield, Elephant Rock State Park, & Preacher Roe Blvd.)
  3. Capitalize the specific names of historical events, historical periods, and documents. (Spanish-American War, the Renaissance, & the Constitution)  
  4. Capitalize the names of months, days, and holidays. (January, Monday, & Easter)
  5. Capitalize professional titles when they are part of names. (Dr. Herman, Professor Albin, Judge Garrett) Don’t capitalize professions: doctor, lawyer, judge, etc.
  6. Capitalize family relationships when they are part of names. (Uncle Joe, Grandma Johnson, & Aunt Elaine) Don’t capitalize uncle, grandfather, aunt, etc. when they are not used with a specific name.
  7. Capitalize brand names. (Purina, Nestle, & Campbells)
    Do not capitalize the type of product. (dog food, chocolate, & soup)
  8. Capitalize names for sections of the country: the East, the South, & the Northwest. Do not capitalize directions: Go east on Jefferson Street and south on Broadway.
  9. Capitalize the specific names of academic courses.
    (Sociology 111, World Literature 210, & History 300)
    Don’t capitalize subjects unless they are languages.
  10. Capitalize titles of books, poems, plays, & films. (Capitalize the first word and everything else except articles, conjunctions, and prepositions).