About Operation 50K

Operation 50K was a roaring success! See the information below and to the right for a recap. And be sure to keep an eye out for the Grizzly GiveBack coming soon.

Operation 50K!

Missouri State University-West Plains 50th Anniversary Logo

In special commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the campus, we challenged the campus community to help us perform 50,000 hours of community service.

Students (present and former), faculty, staff, family members, University board members, support groups and friends of the campus were invited to participate.

Volunteer hours were logged and we watched the thermometer rise as we celebrated our 50th anniversary by giving back to our communities!

Thermometer image showing a goal of 50000 hours. Total was 56531 hours.
This is a brief summary of current total hours volunteered.

Operation 50K Statistics Individuals Total Hours: 50693 Students: 21167 Faculty: 12875 Staff: 7548 Alumni/FormerStudents: 2848 Family Members: 2667 Board Members: 2079 Community Members: 1511 Groups Total Hours: 5838 Group: 5335 Family: 503