Clean-up and Restocking the Shelter

Clean-up of the shelter and restocking of any consumed supplies will take place after the event is over and all persons have left the shelter. (Please see list of supplies on page 14). The University’s custodial staff as well as the identified responsible shelter operations team members will make sure the shelter is cleaned and ready for the next hazardous weather event. The Shelter Operations Team will ensure the shelter is ready for the next hazardous weather event. These activities will include but not be limited to the following:

  • Clean up shelter area (Equipment Manager, Custodial Staff, Shelter Operations Team members present)
  • Inspect all shelter signage (replace if damaged or missing) (Signage Manager)
  • Inventory all equipment and supplies (replace, repair and restock as required) (Equipment Manager)
  • Debrief Shelter Operations Team (Site Coordinator)
  • Conduct an evaluation after a drill or actual emergency situation in order to determine the adequacy and effectiveness of the plan and the appropriateness of the response by the team members. (Shelter Operations Team)
  • Maintain a record of the weather event (Site Coordinator)
    • Date and time of event;
    • Reasons for shelter use;
    • Time the shelter was locked down and unlocked;
    • Comments regarding the weather event and operation of plan.