Shelter Operations Team

Site Coordinator

Name: Scott Schneider
Position: Director of Business and Support Services
Landline Phone: Home: 417-293-2338 | Office: 417-255-7258
Cell Phone: 417-293-2338

Assistant Site Coordinator

Name: Dr. Angela Totty
Position: Dean of Student Services
Landline Phone: Office: 417-255-7225
Cell Phone: 501-288-1068

2nd Assistant Site Coordinator

Name: Rogers Taylor
Position: Coordinator of Student Life & Development
Landline Phone: Home: 417-255-8080 | Office: 417-255-7233
Cell Phone: 417-274-2589

Duties and responsibilities of the Site Coordinator and/or Assistant Site Coordinator:

  • Coordinate and ensure implementation of all aspects of the Community Shelter Operations Plan (CSOP).
  • Open the Community Shelter during severe weather events.
  • Ensure personnel are identified to facilitate the CSOP and are ready to fulfill their respective roles.
  • Activate the Missouri State Alert system when a tornado warning is in effect for Howell County, Missouri. (Note: This task is assigned specifically to the following persons in the order listed: Scott Schneider, Cheryl Caldwell, Rogers Taylor.)
  • Ensure the campus community members and vicinity residents are informed about the shelter.
  • Conduct severe weather exercises (tornado drills) in cooperation with the Missouri statewide severe weather exercises.
  • Serve as resources persons as questions arise from campus and community members.
  • Ensure distribution of information to area residents.
  • Review and update the CSOP periodically as necessary.

The Assistant Site Coordinator and the 2nd Assistant Coordinator’s responsibilities include performing duties of the Site Coordinator when the Site Coordinator is unable to carry out the responsibilities and performing duties as assigned by the Site Coordinator and/or Assistant Site Coordinator.

Equipment Manager

Name: Ron Hensley
Position: Superintendent of Physical Plant
Landline Phone: Home: 417-284-7194 | Office: 417-255-7268
Cell Phone: 417-372-2138

Assistant Equipment Manager

Name: Lynn Girdley
Position: Groundskeeper/General Maintenance Worker
Landline Phone: Home: 417-293-9045 | Office: 417-255-7268
Cell Phone: 417-293-9045

Duties and responsibilities of the Equipment Manager and/or Assistant Equipment Manager:

  • Understand and operate all equipment (including communication, lighting, safety equipment and shelter doors).
  • Maintain and update, as necessary, the Shelter Maintenance Plan.
  • Maintain and ensure equipment is maintained year-round and working properly.
  • Inform the Site Coordinator if equipment is defective or needs to be upgraded.
  • Purchase supplies, maintain storage, keep inventory and replace outdated supplies.
  • Place first-aid kits in the shelter and replenish them as necessary.
  • Replenish supplies to pre-established levels following shelter usage.

Signage Manager

Name: Cheryl Caldwell
Position: Director of University Communications
Landline Phone: Home: 417-256-0761 | Office: 417-255-7960
Cell Phone: 417-293-0861

Assistant Signage Manager

Name: Mat Crouse
Position: Graphic Designer
Landline Phone: Home: 417-298-3515 | Office: 417-255-7954
Cell Phone: 417-616-1059

Duties and responsibilities of the Signage Manager and/or Assistant Signage Manager:

  • Determine what signage and maps are needed to help intended shelter occupants get to the shelter in the fastest and safest manner possible.
  • Ensure signage complies with ADA requirements, including those for the blind.
  • Work with the Equipment Manager to ensure signage is illuminated or luminescent after dark and all lighting will operate if a power outage occurs.
  • Periodically check signage for theft, defacement or deterioration and repair or replace signs as necessary.

Field Manager

Name: Rogers Taylor
Position: Coordinator of Student Life & Development
Landline Phone: Home: 417-255-8080 | Office: 417-255-7233
Cell Phone: 417-274-2589

Assistant Field Manager

Name: TJ Wallis
Position: Head Resident Assistant
Landline Phone: 417-255-8013
Cell Phone: 573-418-5528

Duties and responsibilities of the Field Manager and/or Assistant Field Manager:

  • Ensure shelter occupants enter the shelter in an orderly fashion.
  • Arrange assistance for shelter occupants who need help in getting to the shelter (all complications will be anticipated and managed prior to the event to the best of our ability). Note: The Field Manager is responsible for arranging necessary assistance for members of the student body with special needs. Members of the general public within the target area with special needs will be identified via response from the initial shelter notification letters. As part of the operations plan, the list of special needs persons will be updated by the Notification Manager as information comes to the University and at a minimum annually.
  • Close and lock shelter doors when all students are accounted for and in the shelter and/or when no more citizens are seen coming to the shelter. A judgment call may be required as to when to secure the shelter if a tornado is imminent. The door will be monitored, however, to ensure no one is left outside in the weather.
  • Ensure the administration of first aid, as necessary, by those trained in it.
  • Monitor the radio and provide information to shelter occupants during a tornado warning.
  • Determine when it is safe to leave the shelter after a tornado warning.