Mar 06

Staff Senate Meeting Minutes 3/6/15

In attendance: Kileene Collins,  Grayson Gordon,  Emily Gibson,  Scott Schneider, Mary Kellum,  Eryn Walters, Karla Bean, Kris Brinkerhoff, Bill Brown, Luke Pitchford and Chulapol Thanomsing.

I. Updates

  • Chancellor: Next week he will be attending the Board of Governor’s Retreat and will be discussing enrollment, retention, academic standings and long range plan. Please thank our custodial workers for their hard work clearing the campus lots.

Welcome New Employees: None in attendance

Admin. Council Notes’ Q&A:

  • Current open positions filled:
    • Administrative Assistant II (Full Time Staff, U/CP) – Position filled by Sally Robinson
  • Director of IT department position will be posting today, Luke Pitchford’s last day is March 20.

Departmental & Additional Updates:

  • Greenhouse is making progress
  • True Blue Auction is April 10th. Deadline for items or descriptions of items being donated is April 1st, to be included in the auction catalog.
  • Public Affairs Conference will be April 14-17
  • Kid’s College will be July 6-9 from 12 – 5pm – more information to follow.
  • Robin Hood has been rescheduled for March 24
  • St. Louis Irish Arts will be performing on March 29th at 2pm
  • Banner will be updated Saturday (March 7th) and will not be available during the update.

II. Approval of Minutes: Mary moved to approve, seconded by Emily, all in favor.

III. Old Business

Battery Recycling Effort: (Containers are currently located in)

  • Lybyer (Student Services – Room 207)
  • Cass Hall (Lunch Room)
  • TRiO (Entry area)

Karla Bean advised she will place one at the reception desk in Looney Hall.

Staff Dedication Wall:

  • Scott advised the best location of the dedication wall would be on the lower level of Lybyer on the opposite wall of the elevator, viewable as you exit the elevator.
  • Chulapol and Grayson will follow up with Howell County Outpost on the plaques.
  • To vote on the name of the dedication wall, click on this link:

SSIP (Staff Salary Incentive Program): 

  • Mary Kellum asked Dr. Bennett about the status of this program and he advised it is still in discussions on the Springfield campus and no decision has been made at this time.

Volunteer Opportunity:

  • Home Show (Sat. & Sun. March 7 & 8) – Contact Mary Kellum to sign up.

IV. New Business

Nominations being sought: (Send all nominations to Chulapol)

  • Granvil Vaughn Founder’s Award – submit nominations by March 16
  • Distinguished Alumni & Distinguished Faculty/Staff – submit by March 27
  • Honorary Associate Degree – submit as soon as possible

Officers for next year:

  • Chulapol will be sending out an email with names of those qualified for offices. Be prepared to vote during next meeting; New officers will begin their duties in May.

IV. Next Meeting:

  • April 10, 2015 in the Cass Hall Conference Room at 10:30am
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Feb 06

Staff Senate Meeting Minutes 2/6/15

In attendance: Kileene Collins,  Grayson Gordon,  Emily Gibson,  Scott Schneider, Mary Kellum,  Eryn Walters, Sherath Rongali, Luke Pitchford and Chulapol Thanomsing.

I. Updates

  • Chancellor: Not present

Welcome New Employees: Mugs were given to Wayne and Luke Pitchford.

  • Wayne Cahoj, General Buyer, Drago College Store
  • Eryn Walters, Development Events Coordinator

Open Positions:

Registrar (Full Time Staff) Application deadline 2/27/2015.

Registration & Records Assistant (Full Time Staff) Application deadline 2/27/2015.

Part-Time Academic Advisor (2 positions) Open until filled.

Part-Time Landscaper/Groundskeeper Application deadline 2/13/2015.

Administrative Assistant II, U/CP (Full Time Staff) Finishing clerical testing.

Career Center Data Coordinator (Full Time Staff, TAACCCT Grant) Reviewing applications.

Program Director/Instructor, Health Information Technology Program (Full Time Faculty, TAACCCT Grant)

Program Director/Instructor, Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program (Full Time Faculty)

Biology, Instructor/Assistant Professor (Full Time Faculty) Instructor of Nursing (Full Time Faculty) History, Assistant/Associate Professor (Full Time Faculty)

Accounting & Entrepreneurship, Instructor/Assistant Professor (Full Time Faculty)

Business & Support Services: Scott Schneider (no report given)

Upcoming Events:

  • Annual Auction April 10, 2015, at the Civic Center – The Inter-Departmental Contest theme is “True Blue”.  Each department is encouraged to come up with at least one large item to donate to the auction. If multiple baskets or items are donated from a single department, the total accumulated will go towards that department’s total. The winning team (department) will be presented with an impressive traveling trophy to show off for the year. Deadline for the item descriptions is March 1 and actual items must be in the Development office by April 1. Submit your description or get more information by contacting Eryn Walters, Development Events Coordinator, at or 5-7923.
  • National TRiO Day is Feb. 21 – TRiO students will be participating in service activities around campus that day.
  • Habitat For Humanity is looking for volunteers to help out at the Home Show on March 7 & 8 at the Civic Center.
  • Drago College Store will be having a Valentine’s Day sale next week, Monday through Friday. 20% off of 1 item and 25% off 2 or more items.

II. Old Business

Battery Recycling Effort:

  • In collaboration with Friends of the Garnett Library’s “Cash for Trash” program. Each building will have a collection container – must be plastic with a lid. Some acceptable containers would be a Coffee container, Ice Cream tub or Laundry Detergent tub. There will need to be one designated person per building to provide and maintain the container in their building. Only household or office (Dry) batteries can be dropped off – Not accepting car or wet cell batteries and 9v batteries will need to have a piece of tape over the terminals before being dropped off.

Staff Dedication Wall:

  • Grayson made a motion to proceed with the tiles that will contain the Name, Title, Picture and years of service. Mary seconded the motion and all approved. Pending Scott’s investigation and approval, the dedication wall will be located on the lower level of Lybyer, outside of the server room (106). There were three suggested names for the wall, which will be placed above the plaques “Service Recognition Wall“, “Dedication Wall” and “Recognizing Service” – watch for a survey in your email to vote on your choice.

Staff Senate Representative attending Faculty Senate:

  • Chulapol suggested we move to approve a Faculty Senate Liaison to attend our Staff Senate meetings. Joe made the motion, seconded by Grayson and no one opposed. The Faculty Senate will discuss allowing a Staff Senate Liaison to attend their monthly meetings as well and Jill Stephens will be our Liaison, if it is approved.

City Wide Chili Cook-Off:

  • Grayson and Rita Gordon represented the Staff Senate and many thanks for their hard work and preparations. Also, many thanks to Dr. Bennett for his support and contribution.

SSIP (Staff Salary Incentive Program): 

  • The Springfield Staff Senate has decided not to proceed with the SSIP this year and will be submitting a proposal to use the merit pay system that is already in place but has not been utilized in many years.

III. New Business

Inter-Department contest for the Annual Auction: See information discussed in the “Upcoming Events” section of the minutes.

Reformatting the Staff Senate Meeting:

  • Chulapol is considering using his notes from Admin Council meeting to share, in place of each department providing updates. If anyone has something to add that is not included in the Admin Council notes, they will be allowed to share.

IV. Next Meeting:

  • March 6, 2015 in the Cass Hall Conference Room at 10:30am
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