Dec 18

Staff Senate Meeting Minutes 12/18/14

In attendance: Kileene Collins,  Sheila Barton, Sharath Rongali, Grayson Gordon,  Lu Adams (via conference phone), Karla Bean, CJ Collins, Scott Schneider, Mary Kellum,  Jill Stephens, Emily Gibson, Luke Pitchford and Chulapol Thanomsing.

Updates Chancellor:

  • Thanks to IT, Scott and the Physical Plant for the reminder email regarding protecting our computer equipment while on holiday break.
  • Congratulate Rachel Peterson for being chosen as the Public Affairs Spotlight recipient.
  • We were chosen to be on the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll, mostly for our 50K Initiative and all of the volunteer hours our University contributed this past year.
  • Dr. Bennett has been working on the ADP’s and is convinced the secret to our success is “We have good people here”.

Welcome New Employees:

  • Luke Pitchford, Director of IT Services

Open Positions:

Career Center Data Coordinator (Full-time Staff, TAACCCT Grant) Application deadline 1/05/2015.

Registrar (Full-time Staff) Reviewing applications.

Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs (Full-time Staff) Closing search without a hire. Position will be reposted & re-advertised.

Part-time Technology & Social Media Support (Part-time Staff, TAACCCT Grant) Open until filled.

Part-time Events Coordinator (Part-time Staff). Open until filled.

Program Director/Instructor, Health Information Technology Program (Full-time Faculty, TAACCCT Grant)

Biology, Instructor/Assistant Professor (Full-time Faculty)

Nursing, Instructor (Full-time Faculty)

History, Assistant/Associate Professor (Full-time Faculty)

Accounting & Entrepreneurship, Instructor/Assistant Professor (Full-time Faculty)

Per-Course Faculty (Spring 2015 Semester) All divisions posted.

Capital Projects: Scott Schneider

  • Everything is in place for the greenhouse to be built and it will be started soon after the first of the year.
  • Clock tower faces have been replaced.
  • The state is looking at a Revenue Bond and if we are awarded that money, it will be used to renovate and expand the post office building as well as other possible renovations around campus.

Upcoming Events: Emily Gibson reminded the group to use the vouchers we received for any of the upcoming events.

  • Jan. 15th (7 pm) – Mentalist Christopher Carter
  • Jan. 23rd (7 pm) – The Emperor’s New Clothes, presented by the St. Louis Repertory Theatre’s Imaginary Theatre Company.

Departmental Updates:

  • TRiO (Mary Kellum) – Their letter writing campaign will be in February and they welcome any non-used cards to be donated.  They also announced they met all of their goals on their Annual Performance.
  • Civic Center Pool & Fitness (Emily) – The pool & fitness center will be open during the holiday break with the exceptions of Christmas and New Years Day.

Approval of Minutes:

  • Motion to approve: Mary Kellum
  • Second: Sheila Barton
  • Approved: All

II. Old Business

Staff Dedication Wall:

  • Chulapol will visit Howell County Outpost for ideas and prices on designs for the plaques.

Book Club Common Reader “Garbology”:

  • Nothing to report, seems to be lack of interest.

Battery Recycling Effort:

  • We can proceed but Chulapol is waiting for confirmation from Sylvia Kuhlmeier that the Library will benefit from this effort.

Mass Email Communication Survey:

Click on the following link for survey results: Email Communication Survey Result

Christmas Donation (Angel Tree):

We helped 44 children and it was a success!

Common Reader Selection finalists for next year:

  • Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver
  • The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
  • What is the What? by Dave Eggers
  • Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood

III. New Business

Christmas Donation (Angel Tree) Survey: To determine if the Angel Tree donations interfered with United Way Campaign contributions. Click the following link for survey results: Angel Tree 2014 Survey Result

FY16 Budget:

  • We are looking at a $170,000 reduction in the budget, based on the current formula used. The Faculty Senate is forming a committee to review the formula and discuss changes. Chulapol shared with the faculty senate we would like to have at least 2 representatives from the Staff Senate involved in that committee.
  • Chulapol, Mary and Grayson attended the Springfield Staff Senate meeting on December 17th. They are working on a Staff Salary Incentive Program (SSIP) and Chulapol asked to allow our Staff Senate representatives be involved. The goal is to have something to present to President Clif Smart in February.

New Meeting Schedule:

  • We are looking at changing the meeting day/time of our Staff Senate to accommodate a representative from our group to attend the Faculty Senate meetings which are the first Friday of the month. Any ideas of new schedule and/or if you would like to be our representative at the Faculty Staff meetings, please contact Chulapol.

Commencement Speaker:

  • Sheila Barton has a name to submit. If anyone else has a speaker in mind, please notify Chulapol.

Miscellaneous Items:

  • Mary Kellum stated it was brought up in Admin. Council that each member that attends the Staff Senate meetings should be reporting back to their department on the items covered.
  • Scott Schneider discovered we need a representative from West Plains to serve on the Staff Handbook Committee. Chulapol will follow up with Alyssa Collins to see if she is interested in being that representative. If anyone else is interested, please contact Chulapol.

IV. Next Meeting:

  • TBD
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Nov 10

Staff Senate Meeting Minutes 11/7/14

In attendance:

Kileene Collins, Bronwen Madden, Sharath Rongali, Grayson Gordon, Alyssa Collins, Caitlin Crouse, Lu Adams, Mary Maupin, Kris Brinkerhoff, Becky Estes, Melody Hubbell, Jill Stephens, Mat Crouse, Emily Gibson, and Chulapol Thanomsing.


I. Updates

Chancellor: Dr. Bennett advised we will have representatives from our campus for the MSU Strategic Vision Plan. He is “cautiously optimistic” that we may receive some government funding; He is waiting to hear from the Missouri Department of Higher Education. Today’s Red Carpet Day was the biggest to date; There were 200+ students in attendance. Dr. Angela Totty is now active in the role of Dean of Student Services. Dr. Lunday has relocated to an extra space in the Academic Affairs office until his departure. There are currently two interim positions in place; Interim Director of IT is Scott Schneider until December 1st, when Luke Pitchford will take over the full time position. Interim Registrar will be Sylivia Kuhlmeier beginning December 1st, until the full time position is filled. The United Way Campaign is the only charity the university contributes to and participation has been on the decline for the last several years. Dr. Bennett encourages all to participate.

Welcome New Employees:

  • None

Open Positions:

Registrar (Full Time Staff) Application deadline 11/21/2014.

Food Services Manager (Full Time Staff) Reviewing applications.

General Buyer, Drago College Store (Full Time Staff) Finishing clerical testing.

Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs (Full Time Staff) Reviewing applications.

Part-Time Technology & Social Media Support (Part Time Staff, TAACCCT Grant) Open until filled.

Instructor of Nursing (Full Time Faculty)

First date of consideration 11/07/2014. History, Assistant/Associate Professor (Full Time Faculty) First date of consideration 11/07/2014.

Accounting & Entrepreneurship, Instructor/Assistant Professor (Full Time Faculty) First date of consideration 10/31/2014.

Per Course Faculty (Spring 2015 Semester) All divisions posted.

New Hires:

Coordinator, Mountain Grove Branch Campus (Full Time Staff) Lu Adams begins 12/1/2014.

Director of Information Technology Services (Full Time Staff) Luke Pitchford begins 12/1/2014.


Alice Smith is retiring 12/31/14

Capital Projects: Scott Schneider not present for report

Upcoming Events:

  • Informational Workshop “Starting Your Own Business” November 20 at 6pm at the Small Business Incubator. This is the last class that will be at no charge.
  • Tree Lighting Ceremony Dec. 2nd at 3:30pm in Lybyer
  • Musical Salute for Veteran’s Day November 11th at 1:00pm at the Civic Center
  • Polar Express December 7th, 2:00pm at Civic Center – FREE (Popcorn and Hot Chocolate will be available) Suitable PJ attire encouraged.

Departmental Updates:

  • Enactus (Let’s Can Hunger Food Drive) – Competition between students, faculty and staff. Look for containers with appropriate labels to place your donations. Proceeds will benefit the Bridges Program and the Rotary Club Backpack Program.
  • Academic Affairs – HLC approved an online degree program for AA; Expect to see advertisements to promote.
  • HR – HRA due Friday, November 7, 2014; Cafeteria Plan enrollment due by December 1, 2014; Open Enrollment for health insurance is due by December 1, 2014.

Approval of Minutes:

  • Motion to approve: Lu Adams
  • Second: Grayson Gordon
  • Approved: All

II. Old Business

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Habitat For Humanity is asking for Staff Senate volunteer group to help on November 15th at 8:30am. Contact Mary Kellum if you can help.

Staff Dedication Wall:

  • Chulapol will visit Howell County Outpost for ideas on designs for the plaques.

Book Club Common Reader “Garbology”:

  • There is a link on the Staff Senate Blog page. There have been no responses thus far.

Battery Recycling Effort:

  • Option #2 (in conjunction with the Friends of the Garnett Library) received the most votes. Motion made by Grayson Gordon to move forward with this option and seconded by Alyssa Collins. Chulapol will consult with Admin. Council for approval to move forward.

Lee Denim Day: Final count $422

Campus Chili Cookoff: Total raised $195

III. New Business

Common Reader Selection for next year:

  • Voting is available on the Academics page until November 17th.

Mass Email Communication:

  • Chulapol provided a draft of a survey to be sent out regarding mass emails that have been sent in the past to keep everyone updated on campus news, some of which is also relayed through “Take Note”. He has asked for comments or feedback by the end of the day on Tuesday, Nov. 11th and plans to get the survey out by next week.

Springfield Staff Senate Meeting:

  • Chulapol and Grayson attended on November 6th. They will propose for West Plains campus to have a representative as a Senator to become part of the Springfield Staff Senate because the decisions they make, affect us. Currently, the Springfield Staff Senate is working on a Staff Satisfaction survey. Talks of updating our wellness benefits and fee waiver hours. Also discussions on sit and stand work stations.  Motion to approve

IV. Next Meeting:

  • December 5, 2014 10:30-11:30 AM in the Cass Hall conference room.
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