Aug 31

Staff Senate Agenda September 3, 2015

Staff Senate Agenda September 3, 2015

Open Meeting-Approval of Minutes

I  Chancellor’s Update

II  Committee Updates-

1.  Volunteer-Habitat for Humanity

2.  Events- Fall Faculty/Staff Picnic September 11

3.  Bylaws-Approved by the Chancellor

III  Departmental Updates

IV  Administrative Council Updates

VI  Open Discussion

Adjourn meeting


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Aug 07

Staff Senate Minutes 8/6/15

In attendance: Kileene Collins,  Scott Schneider,  Alex Graham, Rose Scarlet, Sophia Skinner,  Jennifer Walker,  Jill Stephens, Laurie Wall, Jared Cates, Mary Kellum, Joe Kammerer, Dakota Bates, Karla Bean, Thora Broyles, Sherath Rongali and Elizabeth Nehring.

I. Chancellor Updates: The Missouri State system is asking for a 7% increase in funding and if granted, we will have 5% to use to hire a Physics professor.  Enrollment is down but we have new programs in place that we hope with help with future enrollment. The TRIO grant was approved for 5 more years.  Nursing students must pass their NCLEX exam with at least an 80%, in order to remain accredited and our current students are at a 92% passage rate. Congratulations to the nursing department for all of their hard work.  OzCon raised $2,500 in profit and is donating those funds to Bridges, a community-based organization designed to meet various needs of students in the West Plains R-7 and surrounding rural schools.

II. Approval of Minutes from June meeting: Motion made to accept by Alex Graham and seconded by Rose Scarlet; All in favor.

III. Treasurer’s Report: $493.45   Mary is going to follow up to see if we can use some of those funds to help purchase school supplies for Welcome Week.

IV. Departmental & Additional Updates:

  •  TRiO: As reported by the Chancellor, their grant was approved!
  • Career Development Center (Former Career Services):  Note the name change to better reflect the mission of the department.
  • Updates from Scott: July 31st was the deadline for the post office to make the decision to purchase the existing building and they have chosen not to do this. A meeting is scheduled on August 17th to begin the planning stages and our vision for that building. It will be expanded but nothing definite beyond that.
  • Development: Joe announced all are invited to the first volleyball game of the season on Sept. 1st, with a BBQ picnic provided prior to the game. The picnic begins at 5pm and the game will follow at 6pm and both are FREE.  The Booster Club Board have announced a discounted rate for faculty and staff for the Grizzly Booster Club. The individual rate is $150.00 and the family rate (for immediate family) is $250.00, which is half the price of a Plainsman Club member.  Another way to contribute is through the Annual Fund and both can be made through payroll deduct. Contact Deb Mosley or Joe Kammerer in the Development Office for more information or to join.

V. Committee Updates:

  • Alex Graham (Bylaws Committee): Minor changes were made and after review from the senate, Dakota Bates made a motion to approve the changes, seconded by Rose Scarlet and approved by majority. Mary will send them to the Chancellor (Admin. Council) for final approval.

VI. Updates from Admin. Council:

  • Per Course Faculty hours have been increased from 6 to 9, per semester.

VII. Old Business:

  • Battery Recycling: The majority agreed to work with the Springfield campus and their recycling efforts, which will be no charge to us. Those that have recycling containers in their office can contact Scott Schneider when they are full and need to be taken to Springfield.
  • Staff Appreciation Wall: No updates
  • Welcome Week: School supplies are needed by next Friday, August 14. You can notify Mary Kellum in TRiO and she will pick them up from you (bagged or not bagged, either are acceptable).

VIII. Welcome New Employees:

  • Elizabeth Nehring, Math Specialist
  • Karla Bean, Admissions Coord/Advisor, Nursing Dept.
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