Staff Senate Meeting Minutes December 7, 2017


2017/12/07 – 10:30 AM in Cass Hall Conference Room

In Attendance:

  • Laurie Wall, Bruce Cavitt, Jennifer Walker, Jared Cates, Mike Scheidt, Kileene Collins, Anyta Cavitt, Sharon Holland, Mary Kellum, Grayson Gordon, Sherath Rongali, Jill Stephens, Heath Lair, Jerry Trick, Susan Turner, Karla Bean, Rachel Peterson, Mark White, Tara Hensley, Christina Kerley, David Young, and Kelly Becker

Approval of Minutes:

  • Motion to approve; Motion carried

New Employee Welcome:

  • IT Director, David Young.  He began his duties Nov. 27

Chancellor’s Update:

  • Dr. Bennett shared his proposal that he presented to the Faculty Senate at their last meeting, regarding an idea to help with the needed budget cuts.  He proposed to raise the faculty’s number of teaching credit hours from 12 to 15, which is the standard amount, without paying overload. Research found that 74% of institutions, that are 2 year campuses under a 4 year campus, teach 15 hours.  This would save our institution $240,000 a year. His preference for the use of the savings, would be use as much as we can to move faculty & staff to the 90% of market, over a two-year period.  If there are hold backs from the Governor, he recommends using the money to prevent layoffs of personnel. This proposal will be presented to the Board of Governors Planning & Programming committee, in February and then it will be voted on by the entire Board of Governors during the May meeting. This gives the faculty time to do some research and prepare for any arguments they may have with this proposal.

Faculty Senate Representative, Jerry Trick:

  • Jerry was asked to speak on the recent alleged division felt by some between the faculty and staff. Jerry shared there has been some misconceptions that the money saved as a result of previous “lay-offs / forced retirements”, went toward faculty promotions, and that is not the case.  The faculty feel this proposal from the Chancellor puts a “spotlight” on the faculty, saying this is the only way to “save our campus”. They feel there are other areas to look into but they are not allowed to look into or suggest them. They work the overload because there are not enough faculty to cover the courses and other required duties. There is not enough faculty because when hired, they are started with a low pay rate vs. where they should be, based on their credentials. There was much discussion from some of the staff, voicing the staffs desire to be in unity with the faculty and not divided and Jerry expressed his desire for the same.
  • Faculty Senate Report (Mary Kellum, from Nov. meeting)

    • CNA classes have started at the GoCat facility
    • Retention efforts
    • Student Monitoring at the Lofts
    • Salvation Army Bell Ringers needed (See Margie for sign-up list)
    • Looking for more per-course instructors
    • Mary suggested a resolution presented to the Faculty Senate, on behalf of the Staff Senate and all agreed. Jill volunteered to write it and send it to Laurie.

President’s Report:

  • Budget meetings are taking place for 2018-2019
    • Email Laurie with ideas for cost savings for the university. The Cost Saving Committee will be meeting to discuss your ideas
  • Laurie proposed asking for permission to wear jeans the week of Dec. 18-20 and all agreed
  • Reminder the United Way Campaign deadline is Dec. 8
  • Minimum Wage is increasing on Jan. 1, from $7.70 to $7.85. Each department will have to absorb the increase within their budget

President Elect’s Report: No report given

Secretary’s Report: No report given

Treasurer’s Report:

  • $1,001.02, not counting Hurt’s Donuts money. Christina Kerley advised they have received the Hurts monies

Department/Committee Reports/Updates/Discussion:

  • Diversity activity: Grayson provided a handout of derogatory words and their definitions.
  • MSU Outreach: They have been granted permission for two scholarship funded student Amabassadors
  • IT: There will be updates to Banner 9 over the holiday break but it will be in the background and we can expect no major changes upon our return. Kelly and Heath will be making their rounds to get all on the One Drive for Business
  • Admissions: Rachel will be attending a committee meeting for the Staff Senate Excellence in Service to the University award nominations, Dec. 8.  The Counselors/A+ Coordinators Luncheon is Dec. 15
  • Business Office: Please be sure to get all outstanding invoices paid, approvals completed before we leave for our Holiday break on Dec. 20. P-Card allocations are due to Barbie by Dec. 13
  • Student Life: Homecoming Decorating Contest for your office doors or cubicles will be judged by SGA. If you wish to be entered, contact Jared by Jan. 12th
  • Book Store: Book Buy Back Dec. 11-15
  • Sylvia Kuhlmeier Donations: It was suggested and agreed upon to gather monetary donations, and/or gas cards for Sylvia and family during her hospital stay. Donations need to be turned into Mary Kellum by Dec. 18. Donations will be collected in each building, by the following staff members:
    • Melton Hall – Bruce Cavitt
    • Lybyer – Kileene Collins
    • Looney Hall – Carla Bean
    • Kellett Hall – Deb Mosley
    • Cass Hall – Laurie Wall
    • Putnam – Jared Cates
    • TRiO/Broadway – Mary Kellum
    • Library – Mark White


  • Thank you card from Sylvia Kuhlmeier
  • Holiday Reception Dec. 14 in Lybyer 104-105 from 11 am – 1:30 pm
  • Grizzly Basketball games Friday, Dec. 8 at 7pm, and Saturday, Dec. 9 at 1pm
  • Trivia Night Jan. 27
  • #GrizzlyGearMonday – Take pictures of your Grizzly Gear on Mondays and share with this hashtag on social media to show participation and appreciation for the allowance of wearing jeans on Mondays
  • Employee Recognition Luncheon Jan. 19 noon-1:30 in the Magnolia Room at the Civic Center
  • Late Night Breakfast Dec. 12 from 8pm-10pm at the Sole Cafe at the Grizzly Lofts and it is open to all students


  • Next meeting is February 1, 2018 at 10:30 AM
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