Dec 09

December 2004 Minutes

Call to Order:

Approval of Minutes:

Veronica Mays called the meeting to order by asking for an approval of minutes. Diane Basom questioned money spent for chili luncheon. Expenses were validated. Vickie Driskell motioned to accept. Diane seconded.

The SAAC Reindeers (Veronica, Nancy White, and Laurel Driscoll) sang.

Old Business:

Veronica introduced Chancellor Thomas. The Chancellor discussed the Long-Range Plan. The current plan is 60 pages long with seven to eight goals set around 1998. Some items have caused friction between Academics and the Administration. The Chancellor suggested to Administrative Council that we have eight goals which focus on the departments, including goals, objectives, and performance measures. We will try to use the same goals, objectives, and performance measures as in the current long range plan; however, if these do not work for your department, we will toss them. The goal is to have department goals that fit into the University plans. The complete new long-range plan in its entirety will be used for foundations, legislatures, and the Board of Governors. We will, however, create an “Advertising Supplement” with the mission, eight goals, and performance measures. The purpose of the “Advertising Supplement” is to get individuals to read it, (i.e. the press, etc.) The “working plan” is to get this done within a certain time period. The Administration is interested in what we would like to do, have done, and what we are “dreaming” of doing.

Chancellor Thomas discussed online courses and their benefits to our students, particularly rural students and those students who are uncomfortable or dislike the classroom setting. We have an opportunity to do things online as a University that will benefit our students. We also need to use the Mountain Grove and Houston campuses as internal resources to improve our students’ quality of life as well. Chancellor Thomas also noted that as employees we need to find ways to express ourselves in our jobs in order to excel in life, (including community participation to better the place in which we work and live.)

The floor was opened for questions/comments. Diane asked the Chancellor’s opinion on the smoking ban. Chancellor Thomas said he agrees with the students’ compromise of one door at each building being designated with smoking accessibility. He supports the Student Government Associations’ opinion and ideas. He recommended to compromise rather than leave anyone out.

Veronica thanked Chancellor Thomas. She and Vickie handed out ballots for the Staff Senate elections. Veronica mentioned that if someone’s name whom you nominated was not on the ballot it is because they voluntarily withdrew themselves from the election. Heath Lair and Keith Gaughan tallied the ballots, including absentees.

Veronica attended the Faculty Senate Meeting. During that meeting, the students presented the idea of the designated smoking areas. The faculty would like to ban smoking from the campus entirely. Veronica said she feels there should not be a ban, just designated areas. Vickie said the ban may hurt our enrollment. Veronica asked Vickie to help write a letter of support to the Student Government Association on behalf of Staff Senate. The Senate passed a motion to vote with SGA on this matter.

Vickie still needs volunteers for “That Friday Thing” in January, February, and June.

Veronica announced results of the 2005 election. They are as follows:

  • President – Laurel Driscoll
  • President – Elect – Steve Norberg
  • Secretary – Karen Ryburn
  • Treasurer – Becky Estes

Veronica thanked the nominees who agreed to participate and opened the floor to Laurel. Laurel thanked Veronica and those who voted for her. She said the upcoming year of Staff Senate will still be staff-led. The next meeting will be January 13, 2005.

Diane commented that Steve, as the President-Elect will serve on the Budget Committee.


The meeting was convened by Veronica.

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Sep 09

September 2004 Agenda


Guests Present:

Approval of Minutes:

Mission: To support the University’s mission of being a teaching and learning institution that provides quality post-secondary educational opportunities to the communities it serves. The Staff Senate supports this mission bu promoting the welfare and professional development of the university’s staff and serving as the staff’s representative to the campus community.

Agenda: Regular meetings – Second Thursday of the month at 3:00 pm in L307

  • October 14th meeting – 3:00 pm – L307
  • November 11th meeting – 3:00 pm – L307
  • December 9th meeting – 3:00 pm – L307
  • That Friday Thing – Last Friday of the month
  • Lee Denim Day – National Breast Cancer Awareness Month – October 8th
  • Chili Luncheon – October to coincide with Lee Denim Day – October 8th

1. Bylaws – procedures

2. Chili Cook-out October 8th, also Lee Denim Day

3. Encourage staff participation by hosting additional social functions and promoting meetings through the present communication infrastructure (ie. Staff Senate web site, Take Note, Campus Connection, Master Calendar)

4. Develop a brochure explaining Staff Senate’s purpose for distribution to new employees

5. Continue to request equitable funding for staff positions: Jay Gentry is on the Springfield committee

6. Springfield Staff Senate: Staff Excellence Awards: Springfield awards $1,500 to six full-time staff employees every year in order to recognize excellence in service to the University among staff employees. We want to be a part of that! Deadline is November 1st

7. Assess staff involvement in community activities and encourage participation in such events as Lee Denim Days, the Heart of the Ozarks United Way annual fund-raising campaign, and the Relay for Life

8. Healthy Lifestyle: Healthy Lifestyle Brown Bag Lunch every Monday 12:00 to 1:00 in L200

9. Officers:

  • President – Veronica Mays
  • Vice President – Vickie Driskell
  • Secretary – Rachel Peterson
  • Treasurer – Barbie Mustion


  • Bylaws: Jay, Joan, Steve, Diane, and Martha
  • Fringe Benefits/Issues & Concerns
  • Special Events/Community Service
  • Staff Awards/ Professional Development
  • Website Administration/Newsletter
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