Dec 08

December 2005 Minutes

Call to Order:

Laurel Driscoll called the meeting to order.

Approval of Minutes:

The minutes having been distributed for review, Vickie Driscoll moved to approve the minutes; Norma Ogletree seconded. The minutes were approved.

Chancellor’s Update:

Chancellor Thomas spoke about the hiring “frost’ currently in place. The plan is to keep 25% of all job openings unfilled to prevent position cuts.

Balloting for positions for Staff Senate 2006 was conducted with the resulted as follows:

  • President Elect – Bill Brown
  • Secretary – Becky Estes
  • Treasurer – Diane Basom

Having a December potluck was brought up, and approved by a majority of those present. The potluck was held on 21 December from 11 am to 1 pm.

Certificates of appreciation were presented to officers who served during 2005: Laurel Driscoll, Karen Ryburn, and Becky Estes.

Outgoing President Laurel Driscoll passed the office to President – Elect Steve Norberg.


The meeting was adjourned. The next meeting will be Thursday, January 12.

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