Jun 01

June 1, 2017 Meeting Agenda

Staff Senate Meeting Agenda

June 1, 2017

10:30 AM in Cass Hall Conference Room

  1. Sign-in
  2. Welcome new MSU-WP employees in attendance
  3. Call To Order
      1. Approval of Agenda
      2. Approval of Minutes (May 11, 2017)
  1. http://blogs.wp.missouristate.edu/staffsenate/2017/05/11/staff-senate-meeting-minutes-may-11-2017/
  1. Bennett, Chancellor Report
  2. President Report (Laurie Wall)

Staff Senate Mission Statement:

The Staff Senate serves as a liaison to administration as an advocate for staff welfare and productivity, in conjunction with the University’s mission, to support, improve, innovate and promote academic excellence.

University Mission Statement:

Missouri State University-West Plains empowers students to achieve personal success and to enrich their local and global communities. As a two-year public institution, we provide accessible, affordable, and quality educational opportunities.

  1. Administrative Council Report
  2. President Elect Report- Bruce Cavitt
  3. Secretary Report (Kileene Collins)
  4. Treasurer Report (Jennifer Walker)
    1. Department/Committee Reports/Updates/Discussion
  5. New Business
    1. t-shirts for staff senate Bruce Cavitt
    2. Diversity Activity Grayson Gordon
    3. Board of Governors meeting-items to mention
    4. Summer-wear jeans every Friday with Grizzly Gear
    5. Taylor Wellness biometrics program-Jennifer Walker
    6. Faculty Senate update-Grayson Gordon


  1. Announcements
    1. HURTS Donuts will have our grand total on Friday, June 2, 2017
    2. Check leave balances and take vacation days so not to lose them
    3. Grizzly Golf tournament-Friday, June 2
    4. Emergency Scholarships and grants available for students effected by flood


  1. Adjournment

Spring/Summer 2017 Meeting Dates:

July 6

August 3



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May 11

Staff Senate Meeting Minutes May 11, 2017

In attendance: Laurie Wall, Jennifer Walker, Kileene Collins, Bruce Cavitt, Grayson Gordon, Christina Kerley, CJ Collins, Sharon Holland, Mary Kellum, Jill Stephens, Sharath Rongali, Carrie Steen, Kelley Towell, Karla Bean, Bronwen Madden, Joe Kammerer, and Sylvia Kuhlmeier.

Approval of Agenda: Motion carried

Approval of Minutes: Motion carried

Update from the Chancellor:

  • Governor’s office is working on declaring West Plains and all of Howell County a natural disaster and should be announced soon and that will make F.E.M.A. funding available
  • May 20 Commencement

President’s Report (Laurie Wall):

President Elect Report (Bruce Cavitt):

  • From Admin Council: 
    • Creating a Flat Grizz (similar to Flat Stanley) with a website for posting photos has been suggested by SGA members as a way for current students to recruit new students

Secretary’s Report (Kileene Collins): Nothing to report

Treasurer’s Report (Jennifer Walker): $889.64 with one outstanding invoice

Department/Committee Reports/Updates/Discussion:

     Drago Bookstore: Tent Sale 60% off today.

     IT: Preliminary catalog is live and any changes need to be made before July 1. Notify Grayson of any changes that need to be made.

     Library: Overdue fines and fees are waived until May 19. The bookstore has provided textbooks to the library to be loaned out for those that lost books in the flood.

     TRiO: Picnic & Dance today from 4 – 8 pm in Lybyer 104-105 and all are invited. They have clothes that have been donated for flood victims.

     Development: Emergency Scholarship fund is available through Springfield and has been extended to West Plains students that have been affected by the flood. It is a scholarship to go against their balance, not to replace items lost in the flood.  Bear’s Reunited Reception invitations have been mailed. It is for all Alumni, Faculty and Staff, on June 13 from 6-8pm at the Country Club.

    Business Office: June 30 is the fiscal year end for those with budgets.

New Business:

Staff Senate Polo’s Update (Bruce Cavitt): Screenshots was the lowest quote collected for a screen printed shirt and motion carried to purchase shirts from them.

Diversity Activity (Grayson Gordon): Presented us with The Herman Grid to show that our first impressions may be incorrect. We see things and assume things that may not be true.

Faculty & Staff Morale Survey Results: Some discussion on everyone’s thoughts.

Habitat Build (Mary Kellum): Builds have been put on hold due to the flooding but their ReStore shop was flooded  and they would welcome any help.

Reverse Evaluation Committee: On hold while Springfield does some more research on theirs so we may model their’s, if we so choose.

Helping our internal/external community with disaster relief: Please continue to help those in need.


  1. HURTS Donuts will be on campus May 17 at noon in FUMC parking lot (10% of proceeds will go to Staff Senate)
  2. Spring Dipper Ice Cream will be on campus May 16 at 11 am in front of Grizzly Den dorms (no proceeds will go to us)
  3. Supervisor HR Training May 12 10am-3:30 pm
  4. Check leave balances and take vacation days so not to lose them
  5. June 2 Grizzly Golf Classic
  6. June 15 Retirement Reception for Donna Bird, Rose Scarlet, and Bill Brown at Kellett Hall 2pm

Next meeting is June 1

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